Electronic CR Form 2048(TA)

Dear All,

It seems that the powers that be have decreed that electronic versions of form 2048(TA) and 2047(TA) are not generally available because of concerns that the form might be modified.

Having spent a considerable amount of time preparing the CRs, I wish to present my soldiers with a professional looking document.

If anyone has a copy of these forms as a word document, please could they pm me?


I'll pm you when I get them.

Dear All,

Turns out that there is no electronic copy available (no, don't ask how they printed the form...) and that CRs have to be handwritten. Oh for the army to join the 20th Century.


Check your personal mail

Listen In chaps...

I initially provided an electronic copy of the forms, which had been passed to myself from my sqn Ch Clk, to MSR last week.

He pointed out that a box was missing from the version I sent him and I corrected this. However I am waiting to see an original paper copy of the form before I am happy that the electronic version I have is accurate. As soon as I can confirm this I will pass it to the CO's for inclusion in the downloads section where you can all get your grubby little hands on it. This is likely to be done by early next week.

I appreciate that there is huge demand for these forms at the moment but please bare with me.  Can I also add that I have no idea where the original electronic version came from, for all I know my chief clerk made it up himself (Although I doubt this coz I've seen him use a PC and there is no way he started making these forms up 8 months ago ;D ) I can not guarantee the accuracy or that this is a genuine military form, merely that it is a pretty good attempt at making an electronic version available where the chain of command has failed. Neither can I claim the credit if it works!

Your patience is appreciated


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