Electromagnetic Railgun

and with a low carbon footprint (no nasty black powder/gunpowder/cordite) ... even the greens must approve!
Does it work if the operators are wearing tinfoil helmets? :D
c/o wiki..... 'Military railguns capable of delivering tungsten armor piercing bullets with kinetic energies of nine megajoules have been developed. Nine MJ is enough energy to deliver 2 kg of projectile at 3 km/s - at that velocity a rod of tungsten or of another dense metal could easily penetrate a tank, and potentially pass through it.'

That'll sting a bit then!
Something that the UK have led the world in ever since the days of Prof Lathwaite at Imperial College.

The UK/USA test facility is fairly well known and you can read about it on the web here, here, and here.

It has been there since 1993 and virtually everyone in the locality can point it out to you. If you think of a big flash gun with a coil instead of a bulb then you are most of the way there.

The physics are failry simple but as with all things getting it to work as a practical weapon is a little more complicated.
GIATT - surely you are aware of the work done on railguns in France by...GIAT?
They.ve been tinering with it since I was a kid.
Been on with it the Dundrennan (Ithink) ranges on the Scots side of the Solway. As far as I know it works very well but the power demands are extremely high
Cuddles said:
GIATT - surely you are aware of the work done on railguns in France by...GIAT?

IIRC they are working on electro thermal propellants to improve the propulsion and so give higher muzzle velocities. Basically a more compact version of Mr Bull's supergun.

Not quite the same thing as an electromagnetic gun, but still rather sexy from a physics point of view.
They are working on both, ETC and EM. As far as a rail gun goes, they are working with a view to producing a main armament for an AFV which would be EM. Calibres suggested have varied from 45mm to 120mm. Your guess is as good as mine, of DGA's or any one else's. The difference being DGA is footing l'addition!
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