Electrnics technition courses??

Discussion in 'REME' started by Jamielee_8888, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. What lad systems equipment courses would you reccomend and where are they posted?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    What's a lad system? Is that a euphemism?
  3. CR2, long and hard!
    ESPIRE quick and easy!
    HVM is good
    Lev Op repair is ****, SEME instructor is a fcuking ********
    BGTI is supposed to be good
    Bowman ment to be boring
    Med and Dent but gotta be a CL1(however did here af a fat CL3 Lance jack on it last year)

    You'll probably end up at a Bn somewhere servicing genny's then sign off, so not much point doing any of these courses.
  4. any chance u can elaborate on the equipment and where i am likley to get posted? we seem to be kept in the dark at the moment
  5. Jamielee,

    I suspect from your question that you are currently part way through your basic course and are probably in Tech Br and I guessing that you are going through Basic Electronics. If you are, the next important career decision is whether you go Avionics or Tech Elect. Whilst your wishes will be taken into consideration, there are other factors that will be taken into account when you are streamed. These include your academic capability, course scheduling and critically the needs of the Corps. If you do end up as a Tech Elect then similar factors apply to which equipment cse you will be put on after the Common Engineering Applications module.
    The equipment courses vary in length from 2 – 16 weeks and will largely dictate where your first posting will be. If you do a CR2 cse you are highly likely to get a posting to Armd LAD, conversely if you do a GPATE cse you will get a REME Bn.
    Your dilemma is that you are unlikely to have any experience of the field force, so you don’t know which course and type of posting will suit you best. My advice is to chat to the upgraders and permanent staff who have been in the field force.
  6. Pretty good advice for you there Jaimielee. If you are really desperate to find out more, come across to the land system compound, get yourself a pass and go and see the Q man in CEA(B) (Me!) im in hangar 7 and will gladly answer any questions. Failing that, speak to your course mentor and they should be able to sort you out.
  7. when i went through there wasnt much of a choice what eqpt course we did, there was a list of 12 postings for the 12 people on the course and whichever posting you got dictated which eqpt you worked on. I don' know if thats how they do it now. if you do Level 3 Optronics, Bowman Level 3, SRF, DIANA or GPTIRF, you will go to one of the Battallions in either Catterick, Bordon, Colchester, Tidworth in the UK or Paderborn, Fallingbostel in Germany. Any other courses you will go first line in all over UK or Germany, I don't think that there are any postings for Class 3 outside UK/Germany.
  8. He should be easy to find Sparky he must be the only one asking to be a ELECTRNICS TECHNITION (is that the new trade that used to be Electronics Technician :? ). Anyway Sparks if you are who you say you are Id probably delete your real ID :wink:
  9. Im not fussed about people knowing who I am Iron. The avatar, my nickname and rugby position all give that away!
  10. Just a quick question. I failed BE1 exam, but managed to pass the resit. Does it get taken into account at the end of course when we are giving preferences to what kit we want to go for? I am hoping to go land systems but a bit torn between Challenger and MLRS.

    Standing by for incoming.
  11. To an extent.

    When you come across to CEA(A) or CEA(B) you should be given a list of oprions for posting that has come from REME manning and records. As a course you are then asked to submit a posting preference form (PPP) and a mini posting board is convened by Training & Admin staff. If two people are vyying for one post then BE results will be taken into account.

    Don't worry about it too much, just keep your head down in BE, work hard and things will fall into place.
  12. Go Challenger!!!! (there, decision made!)