Electricty providers

I live on my own and mostly eat out .....yet my leccky bill is 88 quid per month on average with southern electric, and they keep getting the rates wrong and charging me the off peak rate for on peak use and vice versa.

In 3 years every bill has been a fight.

I am on something called economy 10 cos i have storage heaters and no gas.

Anyone here recomend a decent alternative provider.... i cannot beieve my leccy should be costing me this much.

Just to start you off, Electric storage heaters can be a blinking expensive way to go. I've been using a few PCs, microwave, cooker, gas hob and water heater and come in at about half that. Add your heating in and you might not be paying much over the odds. Just my 2p

Oh, npower - clueless wnakers :)
I would stay away from edf, sorry, Électricité de France, as well.

My last electricity bill was over £32,000, but not having a small particle accelerator in my basement, I queried it. Eventually they relented and gave me the £32,000 discount I was hoping for, but for a while they didn't want to!
British Gas are totally appalling. They're even worse than BT and that's saying something (for customer service of course, though I reckon BT would be better at providing electricity as well - pretty shocking!)

Scottish Power seemed pretty good.

Ecotricity are quite small, a "green" providor and I've only heard good things.

NPower aren't great, they're better than British Gas, but can and do make mistakes.

Powergen (Eon) were always good for me - don't know if that's across the board though?

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