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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jacko1981, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Just putting the final touches into my fitness before I attempt to join up.

    I want to train to be an electrician with the TA. How is it structured? I mean, if you're essentially part-time then when do you actually learn the trade? Anyone in a similar situation already?

    Cheers ears,
  2. the only job of that discription is in chilwell nottingham in a RE infrastucture sqn, and i think you already have to be qualified to join though im not 100% sure
  3. Ok but I have the following 2 TA regiments near where I live:

    143 Plant Squadron 75 Engineer Regiment

    Gordon House

    Sutton Road


    WS1 2PA

    Tel: 01922 625 644

    Walsall Road


    WS11 3JB

    Tel: 01922 625 644

    Couldn't I learn the trade at one of these regiments? Sorry if I sound naive, i'm not totally clued up on the TA at the moment.
  4. msr

    msr LE


    Go to both units and see which one you prefer.

    They will also answer all your questions.

  5. They have electricians RE attached to field hospitals, any TA ones have always been pre qualified in civvy street though.
  6. Got a signals unit near you ? I'm with 2 signals brigade and am a class 1 electrician through them . This doesn't mean I can rewire a house or anything like that . It means I can commission and maintain the army's selection of generators and use the field electrical power distribution system to provide single or three phase electricity in a variety of formats for the army's use . If you choose this route you will go on a two week class 3 electrician course , complete a workbook under supervision and then attend a class 1 sparky course at Blandford . You will also need to get on a C+E HGV course ( so you can haul your generator behind your truck ) . Electrician Drivers ( EDs ) are generally sneered at by other parts of the Royal Signals family because we play with heavy hammers and big cables instead of being all girly and sending little messages to each other from their landrovers . Think about this though . How much personal comfy kit can you fit in a 4 ton truck ? PM me if you need any private advice away from the howl of protest I hear approaching .
  7. As far as I am aware, the TA will train you as a combat engineer, but plumbing, electricianing, welding etc. you have to hold civvy quals for. They can probably point you in a good direction to get some, but it'd be on your own time.

    Girly...? No mate, real men use manpack ;)

    And you're sneered at because you're all even more socially deviant than 'normal' scalies...
  8. Look at the current changes coming into line for 2 Sig Bde and you'll find that electrican drivers (EDs) aren't exactly required any longer as trade regardless of how useful they are. In my unit, we won't be putting any new recruits into this trade since we only have vacant PIDs (that's effectively job positions) for two or so EDs.

    Don't get me wrong, I highly rate ED's and the ones we have at present are spot on at what they do, but the new structure for TA R Signals doesn't put much of an emphasis on needing them. :(
  9. Or you could join the REME as a vehicle electrician.
  10. like to see all you girl's send a message without any power!! face it you can't do your job with out us!
  11. And your jobs pointless without us, so there you go :D
  12. It's probably the right trade structure, but what are you going to do with your potential ED recruits? You can't be seriously be thinking about making them operators?

    p.s. have you looked at the support squadron ORBAT, they may have posts you can hold locally (and maybe need locally).