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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Like a lot of blokes, I can't resist a bit of gadget collecting (most of which ends up in a drawer somewhere never to be used in anger).

    But I just bought a new gadget ... or rather a new phone. Not that there is anything wrong with the mobile I have as I upgraded in March! But, as I occassionally travel to pastures wild to earn a shilling, I find myself; a) worrying about some thievin' twot making orf with me Sony Ericsson; b) buying a cheap mobile with local SIM to make less expensive calls in country.

    So, I wanted a Dual SIM phone for my travels so that I could put my SIM in and then just buy a local SIM and put it in the same phone. So I bought this unbranded and unlocked gadget on EvilBay from a dealer in China:


    Of course I expected; a) it wouldn't arrive - it's from China; b) it wouldn't work - it's from China; c) It would be cheap and nasty - it's from China. It cost me £79.99 with free delivery and arrived 7 days later with a spare battery, 4gb memory card and UK adapter to charge (although charging is USB anyway). It's got a 2MP camera, video, bluetooth, MP4 and all the usual gadgety stuff ... plus its quadband, dual SIM AND has a fcuking TV which I can pick up 5 terrestrial channels perfectly clearly! Here's one on EvilBay now (a little dearer)


    Now, the phone is a little lighter than my Sony Ericsson but the build quality is fine and everything works! And it cost me less than 80 notes so if it does get nicked, no big sulky tantrums! Which then leads me to think why the fcuking hell does my Sony Ericsson retail for £400 in the UK (not that I paid for it; it was a free upgrade)? Why do we get so ripped off by the high street retailers when technology is so cheap?

    Apart from the answers to those questions, what bargain electrickerygadgety stuff have you bought recently and what utter expensive sh!te have you managed to waste cash on?
  2. Haven't bought anything electrickrygadgety stuff recently but have a fcuking house full of expensive shite that she who must be obeyed has decided we needed.

    Electric juicer - used for one summer then never used again went from the counter to the corner to the cupboard to the cellar where it now sits.

    Facial steamer - used once followed the same route as the above

    Electric carving knife! Turned it on, failed to cut the roast properly - tried it on a loaf of bread - failed that as well so it went straight into the cellar.

    There are probably more but I think I must be supressing the memory..
  3. i nearly bought that night vision monoscope from aldi, but thought better of it

    I can't even get a decent signal in my friggin house and yet those little yellow b'stards give you one in your hand (as it were).

    'Snot fecking right I tells ya :x
  5. This is not my site, but the prices include delivery, you get a warranty, and the items are a lot less then the apple version.... Oh you are ment to be trade, so If you setup a profile - just pretend!


  6. I bought an I-sobot a couple of weeks ago "cos I could".....it was fun for 30 mins, but that's about it.
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    I got one of these a while ago, goes through batteries and bulbs like no other torch I've had. No reason for it except it was shiny (and I've a thing about torchs).

  8. I bought a little solid state laptop from a tiny wee hardware store in Harbin last year. It's unbranded but more-or-less eepc. I use it when travelling for connecting to wireless networks in airports etc. to cut down the risk of hacking or viruses in my proper laptop and it's just brilliant. Easily compares to the Jade Dream's genuine eepc and all for the equivalent of £120. I could have got it even cheaper but I rolled dice double or quits for it and lost.

    Edited to add: The missus bought one of these. I thought it would be bloody annoying, but to be honest I've grown quite fond of the little guy.
  9. You have to admit though that whilst it burns, it gives a bloody good light. I've got it's big brother and I reckon that would blind muggers at 50 feet.
  10. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
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    Not got a site to buy all the gedgety stuff, but I know one where you can buy all the accessories for them cheaper than the shops.


    Try that, it's where the shops themselves buy from.
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Oh yes, it does shine well! You can get a LED conversion kit now, cheapest I've found is here (link won't html for some reason?)

    Edit: The LED is brighter than the normal bulb, lasts longer and uses less batteries... onto the xmas list it goes!
  12. What network are you on k? I take it your contacts/addresses transfered OK?
    Im quite tempted to get myself one of these.
  13. I'm on Vodafone and it worked first time. Reads all contacts off the SIM but haven't downloaded my phone memory contacts yet on account of being too thick. My neighbour bought a similar one for the same reasons and his works on 02 or 3 ... not sure. They are fully unlocked and unbranded and seem to work ok. I have had both my SIM and the gf SIM in it and called both numbers no problem.

  14. I had a quick flick thru that site,have you seen how much they want for the f##king pen?
  15. Cow

    Cow LE

    Ah yes, but did you not read? You can break glass with it if you need too :wink: