Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tomjj, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. hey. I just signed up but been looking at the boards for a while. I am planning on joining the RE as a sparky but wondered:

    1. Are there many spots for electrician in the RE to the best of your knowledge at the moment?

    2. And more out of curiosity, how many of the electricians on here have electrocuted themselves? Thought it would be funny to know :D

    Going AFCO next week for the second time.

  2. use the search tool.

    or look two topics below.

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. search tool couldn't find how many positions are free on the course
  4. AFCO will know. forget about this for now
  5. A Gurkha on my A2 course put 415v across a screwdriver in his hand, got thrown across the bay, got up and went to do it again.

    Hard little bastards...
  6. when a certain CoW(E) (a**y g@@d@@w) was young sapper with no trade he was sent to work for me at GV.

    told him to strip out a socket & put the new one on. shouted to ask if he was ready & he replied yes. i flicked the breaker & he went up like a xmas tree.

    he was stood with the live cable in one hand & the neutral in the other. "i can't stop my arms/hands shaking he spluttered". we were to busy p1ssing ourselves laughing to answer.


    still he must have learnt as he is a CoW(E).

    signed off as well i have heard, good lad.
  7. When this CofW(E) was in sunny Vitez in 93, I was sent down to the corrimec cookhouse because one of the food mixers was running backwards. No problems, just swap 2 of the phase's and it will be all tickety boo. However whilst in the middle of it. Some thick, feckwit grunt full screw came into the kitchen, noticed the lights were off and went to investigate. He then removed the first sign from the consumer unit that said "Danger of electric shock. Do not switch on, men working on equipment". Then opened the box and removed the second sign from the main breaker before re-setting it.
    First thing I knew was waking up 1/2 way in an open oven with burnt fingers.
    First thing he knew was a toolbox bouncing off the back of his heid followed by a pair of size 12's in his bollox until I felt better.
    Dick then tried to have me done for assaulting a NCO..... :roll:
    THat was the worst one, there have been minor other ones all caused by people switching on stuff they shouldnt. Thank god for lockable consumer units now, makes life a lot healthier...
  8. a doris did a similar thing to me when we were rewiring steibus lodge in bavaria in 93.

    she "needed" to wash her apple catchers so took all the signage down & turned all the circuits on.

    she could nor understand why we all got so upset. :x :x :x :x
  9. Lockable consumer units dont always work

    Was working in Zetra Stadium in Sarejevo in 96 had Americans as the duty NATO Guard Force

    I Switched off and locked the Main Distribution Board put up warning signs, switched off the local Dist board (had had electrical fire so was renewing parts of it) while I was running a new circuit out a spam Sgt type person found he had no power in his accommodation so followed it back to the main Dist board cut the lock off and re-energised the circuit f@@cking ouch 415 belt through me minor burns to me hands and dislocated me shoulder.

    Reaction was considered extreme by some as I hacked through the cables feeding his accommodation with a felling axe (while still live) before being taken for a calm down (Even the spam sparky was dangerous had so many near accidents in the few days prior to this it was the last straw)
  10. to answer your question, there is a backlog on sparky courses so expect to be stagging on for a while or posted as a SATT.
  11. sorry, what's a SATT? 8O
  12. Soldier Awaiting Trade Training, your main job when you get to your unit is to do all the shit jobs no one else would touch with a barge pole, until your trade training starts that is! Oh it turns young green soldiers into suicide cases in no time! (i know, i did it for 9 months! 9 fookin months!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: )
  13. showing your age there S_T_N. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: