Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 1990Dave, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am considering joining as a sapper. Just out of intrest what sort of prospects can a RE electricain be looking at, i.e promotion, pay, attachments, travel etc?


  2. Thx, that was really helpfull.

    When u are training to become an electrition or any other trade for that matter in the engineers is it like an apprentiship which takes so many years to complete or is it done straight after basic training. Do you also gain promotion when you are a qualified in your trade and how transferable are these skill to civvy street.

    Thank you

  3. hahahhahahaha!! army sparkies have no civil quals anymore!! on your A1 you'll get qualled to test and inspect and get your city and guilds however you'll find that there is alot of trades in the engrs that dont transfer to civvi street however you'll have a massive foundation for transferring your knowledge to civvi quals. the other prob the corps has is the fact that it is hard to get any experience for its blokes.

    the urrent path for career is phase 1--phase 2--poss leconsfield for driving--A2 for trade at which you'll prob do your B2 tick test--unit (if your good you'll get your LCpl then)--A1 trade course then big wide world. i done the lot in my first 5yrs. depends purely on timings and trade requirement.

    I myself am a surveyor and have done alot of site work with army sparkies and they've said they cant really get out until they do their COW(E) and then they are trained to consultant level. 1 of my q men is getting out for a 80k sparky consultancy job with balfour beauty??? so there is plenty of oportunity to make your mint however always remember that civvi's have to have a trade, ours comes with our lifestyle!!

    Good luck mate and if you want current info i've a few sparky mates who've a lot of time under their belt and i'll ask them to clue-you-up
  4. really :? :? :? :?
  5. So what the fek are City and Guilds then? Military Qualifications?

    cheggars, it might help if you expanded your burst into some form of composed post. :?
  6. What a f*ckin load of p1sh.

    I think you will find that the RE lads end up with 17th edition.

    Us mere scallies are slowly catching though :wink:
  7. i was questioning him mate.

    i am a sparks & hold several C&G qualifications & several specialist civilian qualifications.
  8. 17th edition?? We have WO1 CoW(E) who aren't even gettin 17th edition!!

    The Corps won't pay for it yet will they?? we'll wait until it gets flagged as a problem then through money at a course that no-one has time to fit in as usual!!!

    Too many wasted tradesman and too many civvi's on our camps doing our trades!!

    I was merely stating the blokes i have worked with and those that are/have got/getting out have trouble as the civvi's want them to do civvi run courses to certify their quals.. as i stated in not such clear mud in my previous!!

    God sparkies WERE clever one time!!
  9. being discussed at length now at brompton.

    units will not pay for people to do courses until they get clarification.

    there are still a few months until it becomes law.
  10. Sorry, knocker, I was quoting him :oops:
  11. anyways the poor lad wanted info on the trade not shouting about the title on your paper!!

    so any sparkies please crack on
  12. i did.

    see top of page.
  13. anyhow's poster all you need to know is that black and tan will get anything working long enough for an armd farmer to break it!!

    python circuits, cinema surround sound, computers, car speakers, det's, flash bangs...list is endless!! actually anyone seen any real good use for it???
  14. oh yeah dave1990 you don't join as a sapper you become an infanteer then at minley you drink Hard water and get pin rash..then you become a sapper..joining as one would be too easy! Bloody craftsman!