Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by N-S-N-O, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm interested in joining the Army as an Electrician and have some questions:

    What are the differences between being an electrician in the Royal Engineers and the Royal Signals apart from Sappers also being Combat Engineers? I've read the RE job profile on armyjobs but can't find one for the Royal Signals.

    How strict are the Army on entrance requirements? I only scored DD on my Science Double Award GCSE, but do have 5 GCSEs and 2 A-Levels and would expect to gain a high BARB score (I got 90% on my Royal Navy test before joining the Royal Naval Reserve).

    Thanks for any help.
  2. to be an electrician within the royal signals is what i put as my first choice, all you need is a D in maths... i think the job with in the royal engineers is sligtly different in terms off requirments. I dont think there is much difference between the actual trade in the different regiments, but like you said you are a cobat engnieer within the re, which means you will learn how to build bridges etc and would have effictivly two trades.
  3. Try asking the same question on the REME forum mate :D
  4. i am going for a job as a MILITARY ENGINEER (ELECTRICIAN) when i am required age
    i cant rember if this is true but i think you can do a test if you dident get the required standards which means you can still get this job
    but go to your local AFCO and ask them they will be helpful

    and i would prefer personally to go within the royal engineers
    but its your choice and you need to think carefully if its the right choice for you
  5. Is English a pre-requisite? :D
  6. well i cant write you cant read so we should help each other =p
  7. It's only Army banter futuresparky, don't get upset!!
  8. lol i wasent i was just showing you that you werent perfect either
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone, they're appreciated :D

    Think if both trades are similar I'll go for the Royal Engineers. Combat engineering sounds good, plus they've won the FA Cup and being an Evertonian I could do with the glory :x

    Sorry if I'm being a mong :oops: but why? Not up to speed on the Army yet, the Andrew's all I know!
  10. RE Electrician is the the way forward pal, done me proud for the last 21 yrs.

    look on the SAPPER forum for more info.

    feel free to PM me.

  12. Thanks Knocker, I've sent a PM.

    Does anyone have any idea of what the waiting time's like for RE Electrician at the moment? I'd ask at the AFCO but I'm going to be out of the area for a few weeks.

    Going to hit the Science GCSE books in case I need to redo the exam.
  13. well i know the one for the royal signals was april...
  14. The REME don't have sparkys anymore :(
  15. Really? It was one of my job choices, and I've only just joined. Don't start basic til Feb! :?

    Interesting - Could've been jobless had it been first choice!!!