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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sparky.86, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. I am a RE electrician and i am currently half way through my B3 course at Minley and have been put through for fast track at Chatham. The information given is quiet vague and just wondered if anyone knew wot the assessment was like and a heads up on wot to revise for.
  2. How are you an RE electrician when you haven't even passed your B3? That aside there are ways/means of being fast tracked through and I do know people who have done it. You need to make sure that you have your qualification certificates (C & G 2391, 17th Edition pass cert etc, etc). You will then have to do assessments. There are also various bits and pieces that you will have to go through as they are military such as field electrical power distribution systems and things like that.
    I'm not a sparky but I would suggest that your maths needs to be a reasonable standard prior to your assessment.
  3. Maths and in your case English. Other than that what Plant Life has said, if you have prior experience, expect a trade test to determine what you can miss out safely and I would assume the fast track would be to get you on the beat up course to see if you are suitable for the course. Prior qualifications as a sparky are no guarantee.
  4. Yeah I meant to say that I was gonna be a sparky. Thanks for the help just gotta get revising the maths then.
  5. Hasn't the course set up changed at Chatham recently with students being allowed to work at their own pace so those that are better get through training quicker?
  6. Nope thats the Clk of Wks (C) course. After 6 months the brighter ones learn to stop eating the cat shit in the sand pit and are moved onto the crayons.
  7. As opposed to the E's who are simply going back over their Class 2 and Class 1 course, don't get started on the Mornings!
  8. After suffering the propensities of 25E, which was before the advent of calculators, I thnk anything that gives a lie in in the morning is a dammed good idea.