Electrically dead ford fiesta.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. Hello arrsers, need a bit of help, Mrs BRL's car seems to have died. Its a Ford Fiesta Titanium on a 58 plate.

    It was running fine with no problems, but has been stood for just under 2 weeks due to the crap weather. I tried starting it yesterday and it is totally dead, not even the ignition lights come on.

    I have tried jump starting it from my car but there are no signs of life and have checked what fuses seem to be connected with the ignition both in the engine fuse box and passenger glove box fuse box but all these seem ok.

    Any ideas on a easy fix or is it a long trip down warranty road ( sorry sir, your warranty doesnt cover electical faults etc etc !)

    cheers and have a great new year!
  2. Sounds like a dead battery (I'm not taking the michael).

    Possibly left something switched on when you last used it.Whip the battery out and take it down to the friendly tyre/ battery garage and they should be able to tell you if it's u/s.
  3. Sounds like you've got damp in your electrics.

    Tip 20 litres of benz over the car, light it and wait till the electrics are dried out.
  4. 20 litres? waistfull twat, 5 would do for a fiesta.

    Sounds like the battery is so dead it would take 20 mins or so to get some life into it with jump leads.
  5. Cheers for the replies fellas. Battery is off and on charge in the kitchen.
  6. Just be aware, that even when fully charged, your battery may still be fooked.

    Also turn the car over a few times with the HT lead off. Get some oil moving in the phukker before it is started.
  7. Cold snaps really knack batteries. Batteries tend to have around a two to three year life-unless you pay megabucks for a really heavy duty one. You may find that when its charged up it still wont start your motor-this is because the cells in the battery have degraded from going flat or getting really cold so its output is less than the 12 volts needed by the cars starter motor. Get a volt meter onto the terminals to see what the voltage is. Sound like you need a new battery though.
  8. Rear screen heaters use loads of power try to avoid using them in long periods of cold weather. When starting dip the clutch so you aren't turning the gearbox as well. Turn heaters off a couple of miles before home.
  9. A volt meter is as much use as tits on a fish. Heavy Duty Discharge Meter, will give you a better idea of the state of the battery. But, most of your post is spot on.
  10. If it of consolation, I have a dead Beemer. It is costing £95 an hour for a BMW garage to find out what is draining the battery
  11. **** me, your garage must have a good teliscope to see you coming. Do you own an Alienware PC ;)
  12. Then you should have gone somewhere cheaper.
  13. Even worse, it'll have a front heated screen as well, that really sucks the power. Although in these recent weeks, the heated front screen is almost enough reason to buy a Ford!

    Immobilisers can also be a bit 'funny' after disconnecting/flat batteries involved, if it keeps cutting out on restarting, you may have to lock/unlock a couple of times to get the imob into the start mode.
  14. you mean your rear wheeled drive Bayernmobile didn't skid out of control in the snow and slam into something?

    I'm disappointed
  15. Really? Really?