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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by byron321, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi all...I just did my Barb Test yesterday and i got a score of 58 (not that good i know). I was given a list of eligible jobs, and was hoping for Electrical Tecnician to be on there but it wasent :( . There is somethings that are similier... :-

    R SIGS - SE Communications Systems Operator
    R SIGS - SE Electrician
    AGC SE Military Clerk SPS
    Mil Engineer (C3 Systems)

    I was wondering if i signed up to any of the above would they allow me to progress to Electrical Technician later on?
  2. There is always the opportunity to re-trade. To add a note of caution though, you will still have to pass all the requisite entrance exams and hold the necessary academic qualifications.

    I would suggest if you have been unsuccessful at the Barb test, which is a minimum standard, then you review your aspirations.
  3. Once you're in mate it's not that difficult to transfer. You had Royal Sigs Electrician on the list so that will probably be the closest to what you want to do. It will also give you the basic training and you'll get away on courses to build up your qualifications.
  4. byron321,

    Changing trades once you're in is NOT easy! You have to really want to do it, be willing to actively pursue it yourself with little or no help and be willing to have your so-called mates/bosses refer to you as a splitter for trying to better yourself. Good luck!
  5. First of all, why wasn't what you wanted on the list?

    If it's because you came under the quality line for that job then re-trading is not going to be an option mate. Your Barb test score stands!

    If it's because the trade you want is unavailable at this moment in time then you could possibly re-trade later but as Peanut Head says, it ain't as easy as they all seem to be saying. Not least because you'll be wearing the green baggy skin and the pressure from above to stay in the job you signed up to do will be difficult for you to go against.

    I'm not suggesting for a second that they won't let you re-trade but picture yourself as a new recruit going against the advice and "better judgement" of someone 3 or more ranks higher - it ain't that easy to do mucker.

    You should be very sceptical of the recruiting Sgt who tells you to join a particular trade just to get yourself in and then to re-trade later - he is just filling his quota and once you've joined up you are no longer his problem.

    In short ( :yawnstretch: ) stick to your guns (providing of course they are realistic) and go for the trade you want.

    BTW you can do a helluva lot worse than R SIGNALS CS Op mate.

    Keep us posted.
  6. Yes - go for it. It's a large trade with postings in pretty much every comms unit in the army. Plenty of opportunity for diversity.
  7. wtf is Mil Engineer (C3 Systems) ?

    Can I do that PD? It sounds ace.
  8. I don't know why people are saying it's not easy to transfer once you're in. The rate that squaddies are signing off at the moment the army will do pretty much anything to keep you. I've signed off, but before I did I applied to transfer to the RAF which is a hell of a lot more difficult than transferring cap badges. It took a bit of time but the army had no problem releasing me because at teh end of the day I was staying in the forces.