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Electrical Installation course?


Just wondering if this be worth doing at college for a year, if my deferrment period stands. Does anyone know if these qualifications are recognised by the army? :frustrated: not much consolation but if I can get something decent out of the year it's a bit better


What Corps you joining/trying to join.

I believe that any civi qualification is always good, if not for the army then for yourself when you come across the day that the army is not for you any more.

If your Joining the only Corps that matters, The Corps of Royal Engineers and you want to be an electrician you gain many NVQ's in electrical engineering when you do your Calss 2 and Class 1. To top this off if you ask nicely then you can even get the army to pay for extra courses in civi street like i did ie. Testing and Inspection of electrical instalations, and Portable Appliance Tester.

If this is what your wanting to do then you never know they might give you some slack time when you reach the part of the course you have covered. (Yeh right this is the Army........)

If you get deffered for a year my view is crack on with what ever courses you would like to do and get a head start.

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