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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VirusNine, May 24, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've recently joined the signals, and have been thinking about which trade to pick. I've decided that the electrician job sounds more up my street, but I was just wondering about it.

    Could any electricians here give a little bit of their experience as to what the job actually entails? I don't mean the official blurb, but rather the kind of real world things you get up to.

    What jobs are the most common you have to do?

    Do you work often? If not, then what do you do with your time?

    What do other tradesmen think of electricians? (IE: What are electricians known for?)

    Thanks for any help guys. Apologies if this topic is inapproproate for any reason, etc.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer


    Join the REME, where we will love you and stroke you and feed you and ensure you get deployed bloody soon......

    We have a few 'leccies in our lot, and they are a most valued bunch. Regular REME has combined VM with VE trades, but TA have kept Vehicle Electrician separate, so they are much in demand!
  3. v9

    Electrician involves fixing generators and driving also its low pay band trade, the higher paid ones are Relay, AS Op, tech and RS Op.

    Go for relay you will enjoy it - if you like comms thou consider the sqn in Blackburn (with a tp in Manchester) part of 37 sigs
  4. they ain't the brightest sparks
  5. Regular or TA?
  6. Go for ED if you enjoy filling out genny running hours ( plant cards ) enjoys filling genny up with fuel and enjoy filling in on stag .

    On the other hand if you are in the east yorks areas please jog round to my troop as we desperatly need an ED
  7. oh my god run for you life the signals are you mental?
  8. If you want to be an Electrician the be a proper one and re-badge to the Royal Engineers, higher payband as well !! :D :D and less bullsh1t in the Engrs.

    IMHO of course. :D
  9. Couldnt agree more, sappers far better than the 'scalies' :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. im in the signals (rs op) most people when they hear driver electrician or royal signals electrician go for that as they think they will get qualified as a civvie electrician. truth is you wont in the ta (i take it from your avatar your 33sigs) although you will get hgv C+E driving licence and hazmat ADR licence both of which are worth £££££££.

    if you do chose signals electrician most of your time willl be spent maintaining generators (more like a mechanics job) and in the field youll work hard setting up lighting and power to the equipment once set up theres not that much to do till tear down so you can get dicked for guard driving jobs sqms bitch etc etc

    if it is full on electrician you want its the engineers you want. however the other sigs trades are worth a look and if you hate the trade you iniatially (spelling) go into you can always re trade

    hope this helps wnb
  11. TA, badge he used is TA PTARMIGAN unit
  12. Yeah, I'm 33rd Sigs (TA).

    Sadly, my local unit is the HQ sqd, so there's no PTARMIGAN. I'd transfer, but 59 sqd is ages away from my home, and I'm told i'd have murder trying to get my journy paid for. All of the jobs availible to me are supporting roles for the rest of the regt.

    So there's like electricians, electrical engineers, medics, clerks, and there's a REME LAD here too, but those lads (no pun intended.. :wink: ) are very exclusive, and getting in with them is quite the trial by fire.

    Oh yeah, they're opening a "Radio troop" soon, and apprently there will be a rank vacuum which would stick chevrons to me like dogsh!te.

    Every single person I've talked to about that has used the phrase "switch b!tch" though, which makes me think that isn't exactly a top job.

    Any radiomen here? What's your job like then?

    Thanks for the help so far, fellas :)

    EDIT: What's an RTG? Google has failed me when it comes to finding out what one is :cry:
  13. RTG was a High pay band radio op, during the last trade reorg it merged wth Tele Op (Radio) to form Rad Systems Op, that trade in ur regt is Radio Sys Op (basic) - not an insult but indicates you don't have any IS or Data knowledge (The trade in 2 Sig Bde units like the one at Blackburn is Rad Op (NC) - they do do IS and Data).

    I was a 'switch bitch' in another TA Ptarmigan unit, it gets the nickname from the number of bitter twisted females the it attracts. It is the most complex operator trade in ur unit but the kit the TA have is old (and doing 6 months tour in a Switch or Access doesn't excite me). I read somewhere the kit maybe upgraded which could make the trade very interesting

    I'm currently a RS Op (NC) but choose to move unit rather than be a RS Op in a PTARMIGAN unit - they don't use the dets and I think don't know how to. If your thinking of doing a tour this is the best operator trade to go for but bear in mind your time with a TA unit could be dull.
  14. Have to say im an ED an iv been posted to MT i do gene work but mostly in unit lines its vehicles. Exercises are good you work hard seting up and tearing down, but as far as stag goes, u do the same as everyone. You get C+E, an Hazmat, driving licences, which are worth £££££'s in civvy street like someone said. An as iv paid for 16th edition and electical testing an inspecting my self, (2 nights a week at a local college not cheap) im sorted for civvy street. To be fair go enginners, hope this helps.