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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lodgi, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi all. I'm currently 22 and thinking of joining the army. I am currently doing a National Diploma in electrical and electronic engineering. I was hoping to do something like this in the army.

    I went to see a recruitment sergeant the other day and he told me he thinks I should finish my course before joining. He said I might be able to miss some parts of trade training out if I all ready have the qualification I am studying.

    I was just wondering what are the best jobs in this area in the army? I've obviiously read what jobs are available but just from reading them I can't get a full idea of what the actual job is, where you'd be based, if you'd be based abroad etc. Any info would be great.

    I've read about avionics engineer, and electrician in the RE, but wondered about the other ones?
  2. Depends, are you talking big power stuff or circuit boards the answer will steer you between the main 3 that cover this area bieng RE,Sigs or REME. Your diploma wouldnt get you out of any Sigs training however.
  3. Have you any idea where you might be based if you were in any of these corps?

    I'm not too sure on the way the army is structured. Would it depend on your job as to where you were stationed?
  4. As Signals you could be posted mostly in Germany or the UK dependant on trade or augmented out to Infantry Bn's.

    The RE are more UK based with more smaller overseas postings and they augment out skillsets on mass to operations.

    REME are shotgunned acrossed the armed forces embedded within the infantry and beyond.

    All three have a large commitment to Operations so you will get plenty of time in the sun.

    One main point is as part of a Corps you post as an individual roughly every 3 years dependant on rank.

    Is location going to be a problem? Being close to home should be the bottom of your list.
  5. Being close to home isn't at the top of my list, but I wouldn't fancy living in germany for 3 years. Is that something that could happen in the REME?
  6. It is something that could happen no matter who you sign up to. You ever been to Germany? The majority of troops who go there rate it very highly.
  7. I've got one of my very best mates in the REME and he's been out in Germany for the past two years. Yo go out there and you have a really good laugh because most people stay local on the weekends and you get to know everyone, even the seniors which doesn't happen so much in this country (much to my dismay) as I think it could be used to everyone's advantage. Generally you come back from Germany as one of two types of squaddie - the fitness freak (my friend) or the beer guzzling fun junky. With pints generally less than half price of this country (though with the strength of the pound that may not to be true at the moment) and extra money for being out there it's hard to see why you may want to come back at all.

    Boiling in the summer, 'snowy' in the winter. Travel to other EU countries made easy and regularly done.

    You can put in preferences where you would like to be posted but the decsion is down to manning at the end ofthe day.
  8. I would give my left bollock to spend the rest of my career in Germany.

    As has been posted, social is good, travel is very easy and the LOA (living overseas allowance) is brilliant even with the pound as it is at the mo.

    In short, you would be a fool not to give a go.
  9. Lodgi... I rest my case.
  10. And forgot to mention, I am a R Sigs Elec.........
  11. Well we can't all be perfect eh heidtheba ;)

    RS Op (CSO for the time being, god knows what it will be next week)
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. So germany isnt that bad eh? Can you move your wife over there? I have been with my girlfriend nearly 5 years now, and I've told her if I go in the army we should get married.

    Are there married quarters?
  13. As long as you are married (and accompanied by your mrs) you will be housed either on camp or near by.