Electrical Box Under the stairs - what is it and what’s the flashing light?

I think you’re right. I hadn’t looked at the damned thing properly. I was just ‘interested’ in the red flashing light.

Thank God it wasn't a red button then...

It's a **** alarm. It lay dormant for millennia until you moved in...


Iskra Smart Meter.

The red light shows your unclean thoughts and vile habits are being monitored and transmitted to your local Thought Police


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this thread is just a cover to explain why he's been obsessed with this



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Well I hope he knows what you see in Amsterdam windows ain't whats waiting for you in the back-shop.
(Allegedly...a friend told me on a stag in 1975)

we threatened to sell Pte J*** C****** M**** 24****50 at the reeperbahn.
He wasn't very impressed with the idea at all even though we did offer to share the profit (after transport and accommodation costs, plus management expenses, entertainment and so on)
<noduff >
I have a mate who worked for a major energy company, he had his smart meter set to upload data monthly because he reckoned real time analysis of the date was better than looking in the windows to see who’s home. Probably not in the skill set of your average burglar, but no doubt some spotty yoof could hack it...
Not the most exciting thread ever posted in the NAAFI but I know out there in the world of ARRSE someone will know the answer.

We’ve got an electrical box under the stairs that we don’t know what it does and it’s got a red flashing light. Can’t photo the light so I’ve drawn an arrow to point it out.

Twat it with a hammer.

let us know how you get on.

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