Electrical/avionics Tech

Discussion in 'REME' started by joeyball, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Is there any one on the forum who does either of these jobs, if there is would you mind answering a few questions if i drop you a PM?
  2. yes I am an Avionic tech

    PM me your questions.
  3. No requirement to keep this to a PM coz everyone knows this stuff. The aviation community has a limited selection when it comes to postings. Dishforth or Wattisham at the moment with Germany if you're very lucky, and even that's not going to be around for that much longer. You also have to deal with the AAC, which, once you realise that they need instructions to tie their own shoelaces, is n't too bad. Also, if you become a greenie, you will have to be prepared to work harder and longer than the blackies, because there's less of us, also we're quite capable of helping them wield their big spanners, but they are unable to grasp the most simple electronic theory!!
    All in all, if you've got the choice, go black hat!!!
  4. Ask yourself:
    Do I want to be a Soldier and work alongside Soldiers?
    Do I want an easy life wearing a Uniform getting the pay and wearing a nice blue powder blue beret?
    If you get promotion as an aircraftsman it is usually found in a cornflakes packet.
    If you get promotion as an armourer you have proved that you earned it.
    Your choice and good luck.
    Incoming expected from the nerdy techs.
  5. What is the current manning situation like for Electronic Techs?

    Is there a long waiting list after selection?
  6. :lol:
    Check out bitter bloke
  7. Passed the Math test ok, never wanted to be tech in Aircraft world.
    VM'd it, changed to weapons, loved the job, went tiffy in 7 yrs. I joined the Army to be a Soldier, and REME to work alongside soldiers. I had already completed an engineering apprenticeship (remember them) so looked to transfer my skills of the day.
    If I had wanted to train as a tech I would have gone to college. I didn't want to. If you can't take the hurtful remarks about finding your promotion stripes inside a cornflakes packet then hand them back. People have many reasons for joining the Army, pay or an easy life should not be one of them. :x
  8. Nope... not worked with one yet... !
  9. True words indeed. For the record I never was an armourer. I just can't resist having a pop at the techs. When I went on my Artificer course 22 yrs ago I was the nig, the next up from me was ............an Armourer. The point I try to make is that it is every bit as possible to achieve promotion and pay whatever trade you opt for, The tech route in most cases just happens to be a whole lot quicker and is largely dependent on the ability to be a girly swot in math and physics.
    It cannot be denied that any REME individual has a better chance of becoming a more experienced soldier if he spends his time with a Inf or Tanks unit. More open to the masses.
    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  10. Ha ha, you really are bitter :D

    Yeah of course you went VM after passing the maths test.... :roll:
  11. If you'd wanted to be a soldier so much, you'd have joined the inf or para's or become a RM.

    Did you ever do your jumps course or all arms course to make yourself the best soldier you could be? Get wounded alongside Col H in '82? Pah - weren't up to much then were you.

    In my experience, tech bashers are usually those lacking in the grey matter to have joined the tech stream and come out all green when they see the promotion and pay perks compared to other REME trades.

    If you truly had the nouse to go tech but went VM for "honourable" reasons, then good on you, but you're hardly best placed to comment on how hard techs work if you've never done the job!

    Now, back to the bottom of the food chain please :D :D :) :)
  12. Royal refused me as I had a bad crim record.
    Did both P coy and all arms, passed 1 not the other.
    Was offered |Inst tech, vomit vomit vomit.
    Did a VM course and after 1 yr at my unit I seriously thought of going ece.
    Was seriously pissed off to be back at Bordon when The falklands blew up.
    Had an opportunity to convert to guns, boring course but great job.
    Got onto Tiffycourse in just 7 years when it was a serious fukcabout course.
    Left on options for change for personal reasons and now earning loads more than the same grade if still serving.
    Life is a journey just enjoy the ride