Electric wheel chairs and Biddy mobiles!

Should people who dont need them be allowed to have them

  • yes they can get fat as they want and just another thing for the tax payer to for out for

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  • No i am totally against it, make the Feckers walk or use crutch's

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I have to ask a question

I know there sometimes there is an excuse for these devices, such as mobility for the aged, or those with serious problems.

But tonight i seen a bloke who must have weighed over 30 stone on one of these biddy mobiles zipping around a supermarket, buying things that have a pure saturated fat content, that would prob give a blue whale heartattack!

Also do some of these people actually need an electric wheel chair, is it just lazyness, or are they total flids?
And they are dangerous too! No, not just for the normal pedestrian who suffers countless torn ligaments and busted shins when not getting out of the way quickly enough. But more so for the biddy-mobile driver themselves. I have seen a couple of accidents where they haven't seen a kerb or steps in time....one was quite funny, the other was horrendous.

Both involved sideways flip where the right hand wheels slipped off the kerb tipping occupant into the road, but the bad one was when, after allowing said flid-car driver to cross the road at the entrance to a McDonald's after my children's regular trip to the Drive Thru. The driver happliy waved thanks as he mounted the kerb on the other side, and promptly flipped sideways into the road. I would have laughed but for the realisation of impending disaster....a 18 wheeler was reversing back to parallel park by the said kerb....and the driver was looking in the wrong mirror at the critical moment.

POP! Brains everywhere. Headless body still twitching.

Egg-Banjo anyone?
I believe the israelis know how to deal with these :) .The nhs wont issuse one unless you are fit enough to pass a driving test
(even then its really difficult to get one ) But the companies will sell to anyone and there not the easisest to drive .Once had to drive one
home as its owner ( an ex artillery officer ) had drunk himself unconcious .At any speed faster than walking speed over a rough pavement
became almost uncontrollable a very embrassing potential death trap .
BronzeWhaler said:
Can't wait till I get hold of Mum's old one.
Oh Christ BW....I didn't realise that it was your poor old mum and the 18 wheeler....sorry mate.

Just ...you know...couldn't tell.....well...after.

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