Electric toothbrush erotica

Ive just comedown stairs from half an hour of work time self abuse.

I bought a new leccy toothbrush yesterday so the old one was fully charged, faithful as ever but stood redundant in the bathroom.

Col Wilma Deering and someone else I fancy a bit were mentioned in another thread and this sent my tezzies fizzing fit to burst, of course i had to wrestle the bald headed hooligan to the floor.

Just as I was detained against my will, by a lycra clad wilma and her hornier counterpart I spied the toothbrush and the old mind went into overdrive.

To cut a long story short I got Wilmas pal to ride my face off whilst I set about my sack and socket with a fullycharged counter-rotating head of an electric toothbrush... before I new it and unable to do anythign about it my helmet twitched and super soaker let fly with a thick wad of cottage cheese.

If wilma's buddy would have been straddlign my chops her back would have been coated with my fodder, it flew miles.

Anyone else tackled thier workign parts with an electric toothbrush or other electrical implement.....
Mad_Moriarty said:
I hear the new Gilette Fusion shaver is an excellent vibo, it vibrates better than the sensor excel, just remember to remove the blade!!
Vibrating razors are a sh1tstabbers holy grail. I shave with a basket hilted broadsword and a petrol strimmer.

An ex girlfriend of mine admitted to an auto-erotic relationship with her washing machine. Apparently, when it began its spin cycle, she would nuzzle her pudenda into the corner of the machine and let Mr Hoovers miracle of electromechanical dobying, flick her bean at 1800 RPM.

Dirty girl! :D
Its a slippery slope coated in your own tattywater. Today a fiddle with an OralB tommorow you'll be whacking a rampant rabbit blacknastied to a pneumatic drill up your cackpipe in order to get yourself off. Only then you'll be picturing Bella Emberg covered in dung, fingering her fritter while eating a marmite egg banjo lasciviously

Stop it now
horrid filthy people... almost put me off my lunch
way back when an ex said her sister was a fan of the hand held kitchen whisk blender, pinty sharp bit removed, it had 3 settings and was mains powered to boot..... poor blender... her sister was a horrid crockadillahumpadisgustapig!
I remember a lovely girl in Cyprus who was always very keen to do the shredding at shift changeover - a similar scenario to the old washing machine trick was apparently involved. Not that we took the piss or mentioned it or anything :twisted:

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