Electric Razor


Afternoon all

I'm ex reg (inf) and have recently become a stab (inf). In the years since I left (01), I've become a right hairy bastard and not long after I have my morning shave, I start to grow a nice dark beard... not good if you dont fancy being beasted about during CIC if you know what I mean.

Anyone had any good experiences with a nice electric razor I can use to get rid of my hedge as it grows so I dont look like Chewbacca by evening scoff?

Use womens hair removing cream won't have to shave for a week


Blacks sell a slim little job that should do the trick, i have a similar issue though mine tends to be more of a ginger trend (but dont have gwaa hair i hasten to add) get one there cheap and cheerful and if its crap for your particular mutton fluff just dismantle it and use the outer case for your ciggies