Electric Heater v Gas Boiler

Discussion in 'DIY' started by TheSnake, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. I'm dabbling with just going electric rather then using 2 energy suppliers.
    My question is :

    Can any modern day electric water heaters compete with gas boilers in regard to water heating?
    I need at least 20 minutes of constant hot water.
    Are there any such electric boilers out there on the market?

  2. Gas. All day long. Potterton gold range. Fitted hundreds. No problems
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  3. Why not use one utility company to provide both gas and electric?

    It costs approx twice as much to heat your water electrically than with gas, so the only way this would make economic sense would be if you didn't already have a gas boiler, and wouldn't use a lot of hot water.
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  4. What are you heating the place with at the moment?
  5. I'd never be without gas heating. Apart from being far cheaper to heat water, there's the question of quantity and instant availability (heating what you need when you need it).

    I'd also rather rely on gas then electricity as my main means of space and water heating.
  6. Lemme see...they use gas to boil water, to drive a turbine, to turn a generator, to produce electricity, which you use to boil water. This make sense?

    Ok, perhaps the gas is used to drive the turbine directly, that is still only one energy losing step less.
  7. It's a new shop which i'm just about to get the keys to....
    I've only 5 weeks before I open, and the National Grid and various suppliers want at least 7 weeks to Inspect/Install...
    I haven't that amount of time to wait, and need a quick fix for a constant hot water supply within 4 weeks.
    I'm looking for a very quick fix to keep the business running without hitches...

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Hexy + messtin.
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  10. What is the hot water for?
  11. Just set fire to some local junkies.
  12. Electric is much cheaper until you switch it on!

    I hope that helps.....
  13. What is the area of the unit to be heated? and what facilities are installed currently?

    Will you need to spend capital on installing a new gas boiler?
  14. Silly question.