Electric cars to power uk? Lunatic!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by retired_taz, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. seen in the Daily Express - I wonder how they are going to get the DC battery power into the grid - or do we all have to purchse the equipment to do it and buy a bloody electrica car as well. Seems like another EU "tou Vill do as I say" type of plan - definately Lunatic

    BRITAIN’S homes and factories could be powered by car batteries under a “lunatic” plan suggested by EU chiefs.

    They propose using electric cars as back-up to the National Grid when wind turbines do not spin.
    They said: “Batteries for cars will only be needed in cars for the limited amount of time people are actually driving.
    “In between they could also potentially be available as reserve sources of energy.” It creates an image of millions of electric cars being plugged into the Grid to help keep the nation’s lights on.
    It also underlines a basic problem in the Government’s energy policy – wind power needs back-up because it is not always windy.

    The scheme, proposed by the European Economic and Social Committee, was dismissed by an energy expert yesterday as “lunatic” and by motoring groups as “a Heath Robinson idea.” Critics point out that if an electric car’s battery is drained to supply the Grid, it cannot run until it has been recharged.

    Read more: Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Electric cars to power UK? Lunatic!
  2. Absolutely... "Box of Frogs"..... and this is where our hard earned cash goes to pay EU-rine Land Muppets to dream up this sort of bullsh*te...
  3. Oh ye of little faith ^_~

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  4. It has also been noted recently that the very small electric city cars have the same carbon footprint as a small diesel, which makes then even more pointless.
  5. How much power does it take to charge a battery and how much of that is just wasted?

    Battery power - guff idea
    Hydrogen/Alcohol fuel cells alot better idea.
  6. A friend of mine is planning to do his dissertation on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of on and off shore windfarms, and some of the figures that they seem to be peddaling as 'Greens Great' if memory serves an off shore farm of about 50 square miles in size will be able to power 60,000 homes when at full capacity with the right wind thats not to weak and not to strong. it seems like madness to me building 80 meter tall towers in the ocean isnt cheap either as apparantly windfarms rarely manage to recoup the cost through their working lives. No to my mind the only real option for future energy security is more nuclear and getting more money to fusion research, and using the oil till its gone as someone will come up with an alternate
  7. The sun sometimes shines and the wind sometimes blows, but oil and coal burn and produce heat and light!

    PS: ... and so does nuclear fusion, or is it fission? What does not work is wooly, tree-hugging shite from wooly, tree-hugging twerps like Huhne!
  8. if ive not got them mixed up Fission is what nuclear plants run on at the minute using uranium and such to produce steam, while fusion is a very new technology where they use hygrogen, magnets and plasma to produce energy and helium and it should be a lot more powerfull than existing nuclear plants and safer as it dosnt use anythink radioactive. i think the works being done in oxford and france
  9. Let's execute the wooly-thinking loony lefties and burn them to produce a short term energy supply. That would be as useful as wind farms and wave farms.

    Now, common sense head on: BUILD MORE REACTORS.
  10. The fact that it [isses down for most of the year and it all runs from where it lands into the sea seems to be lost on these idiots.
  11. the problem with building more reactors is that the moment you mention them certain types stick their fingers in their ears and just yell chernobyl repetedly and wont accept any arguments such as it was 25 years ago, a soviet reactor of a completely diffrent desighn to modern western ones and flawed. and so you either cant get new ones put up or it takes years of fighting through courts and such

    To be honest though with hindsight i would have loved to invest in these companies that build the wind turbines 20 years ago when they were starting out but as the time id have laughed them out the door with 'no one will be stupid enough to buy that' i bet their all minted now and have got the greatest scam in goverment procurment outside of the MOD i rekon
  12. Oil & coal are renewable.

    It just takes a while.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I read a Motoring test a few months ago; they decided to see if they could drive a nice new electric car from London to Calais, get some booze, and drive back. They planned it around places they could plug in on the way. They failed miserably, for three simple reasons

    - in the dark, the lights drained the battery very fast.
    - in the wet, wipers drained the battery very fast.
    - in the cold, the heater drained te battery very bloody fast indeed.

    Their 'range' of 200+ miles on a charge dropped to less than 50, and that was with the windows open in freezing weather to stop condensation - it was impossible to heat :)

    So, OK for a trip around town. Utterly crap for anything else.

    Oh, and don't wind farms need to draw power from the grid when it is very cold, and no wind is blowing (i.e. in the very cold snaps we had this winter)?
  14. So their essentialy suped up electric wheel chairs

    turbines need pretty tight conditions to work as if the wind gets to high they have to be stopped and if there not generating power then something else has to be available to fill the gap which is normally gas as its the only source to respond, if you were to be syniclal you could link the fact that the majority of wind farms are in wales but the goverment is planning to build a huge new natural gas terminal in wales as well.
    something not to be forgotten is wind turbines need a lot of infrastructure as well when they put them up near aberystwyth on greenbelt land first they had to build wide new roads to allow access for heavy equipment and the weight of the parts being brought in. a proffessor from my first year hates them with a passion because of how they ripped up and wrecked some of his favorite countryside and on a clear day you can see them but not often spinning
  15. @ Jphn civvie

    Much of the upland bogs (carbon sinks) of Mid Wales have been drained in order to site these industrial machines, and one Scottish labour minister (Brian Wilson) gave permission for this to happen, then joined the board of an Irish Wind energy company as a director.
    These sites affect watercourses (and this area provides water for Liverpool, Brum et al).
    For those looking at the map, this is an OS roadmap and the "installations" cover many square kilometres (and provide a negligent amount of electricity).

    There are presently 7 wind "farms" (see below) in a relatively small area, and the hwntws in WAG (Labour, Plaid & Limp debs) have given permission for more at Hyddgen (Nant y Moch) effectively surrounding Pumlumon.

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