Electric Cars - anyone have experience?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by blue-sophist, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    OK, I'm not mad. I live in Jersey (9 miles x 5 miles) and drive about 700 miles a year. Apart from a run to a supermarket, the current wagon (Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 XS Auto) hardly moves from one week to the next. I know, wrong car, but it was almost new when we moved here in 2005 and would have cost a skip in depreciation to sell it.

    So … local garage is doing a massive discount on the Peugeot iOn. Down from £25k to £16k, just at the moment when I'm starting to think the Kia is going to cost money at some point (so far, not even popped a lightbulb!).

    Car is not particularly cool, but does what we need as 'senior citizens' pottering around occasionally. And it has enough space for us, and is easy to get in and out. Please don't take the pi55 … it suits our needs, I'm just a bit nervous about the long-term implications.

    And it's a goodish price, with a guaranteed minimum £2k for trade-in, regardless of condition, and a 6-year warranty on the battery (£15k to replace … eeeek). So, for c. £14k or less I get a cute little car, with a decent spec, and without all the complexities [and costs] of servicing.

    Rough cost comparisons on Servicing, Insurance and Fuel are:
    Service - Kia 400/200, iOn 0
    Insurance (F/C) - Kia 285, iOn 365
    Fuel (p/a) - Kia 200, iOn 20 =-D
    Call it c. £750 v. c £400.

    Cost is not a major consideration. We just need a replacement before the Kia starts running up big bills, and we don't need anything substantial. If we leave the Island, we will fly and rent a car, as we usually do.

    Anyone out there with any knowledge of electric cars?
  2. They run on electric
  3. Keep the Kia if you only do so few miles, why bother changing? You aren't going to save on anything you'll hardly have any motoring costs now, why spend £16k?
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  4. Jersey is probably not a bad place for an electric car. I presume you have some secure off road parking and the wherewithal to get a charging point put in. Plus I wouldn't trust the maker's figures on battery life.

    Personally I wouldn't want a vehicle with such limited range, and several hours to replen. But I live on the mainland.

    For the sake of £350 why not get a Micra, or Mini? Then you have a vehicle that could be used for more than an island runabout, if needed.
  5. Plus you'd save on Road tax i'd guess £235 on the Kia vs 0 on the iON
  6. As per J. Keep the Kia till it dies. It still wont cost you 16K

    As an aside I know someone who works with "that sort of thing".They say the only reliable electric car is a milk float.
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  7. My only experiance of electric cars was when I rear ended a G Wizz on Southampton Row in my works Landrover 110. The damn thing SHOT across Holborn junction like a roller skate. How it never hit anything else I,ll never know.

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  8. They may have reduced them from £25k but come on that's Toyota Prius prices and that'll work on the petrol engine. £16 is a lot of money to drive 700 miles, taxi would be cheaper.
  9. Blue Sophist, I have sent you a PM.
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  10. I believe that servicing can be expensive as they require expensive oil and other costly bits. So the man who services my car tells me so it might be worth checking.
  11. I test drove the original Prius (boxy, angular, wallowing) for my fleet manager who ran 1100 vehicles. That was then, we never bought any, this is now and we still haven't, but we did buy about 600 turbo-diesels instead. Since then, the cost of electricity has risen beyond expectation and I'm not certain it has stabilised yet. Electric cars just ain't there, maybe a few years before the tech improves.
  12. Buy a Ford Ka/Fiesta, with the new 1.0 Ecoboost engine, around £6/7k.
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  13. 15K for a battery sod that for a laugh it may be a good idea for where you live but what happens when you go to the main land charging points are not every where.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    All good points, guys, and thanks.

    We would never take the car off the Island - we fly everywhere we go, and hire a car as necessary, so it really is a local runabout. A small (Ka?) is an option, but I find that most small cars are just too low to get in and out easily (I'm an OAP, you know). Anyway, I'm not looking for a shopping list - I can do that on any of the 5 computers in this house! It's the electric thing I'm curious about (and thanks to trackpen, I have replied).

    oh, incidentally, The States of Jersey have just bought 10 as 'staff cars', not that their decision-making is something to trumpet :)