Electoral Interest - Some truths

Are you bored of the Election reporting already?

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Its been interesting to watch the BBC News 'most read' lists over the last few days since the Election was officially announced. On only one occasion have election or political stories featured in the top ten at all - and only then when someone makes a gaffe.

So, please Beeb, do us all a favour and just report the proper news - turn off all the Election fervour that seems to be causing your motley bunch of deputy-assistant-political-vice-editors and other self importantly titled journos to be on a constant near-vinegar stroke of onanistic self-excitement and just recognise the truth - we're not ****ing interested!!!

And if you stop reporting all this baby hugging (although, thinking about it, maybe we could mischievously report the odd one or two as inappropriate paedos and the time taken to investigate would prevent them standing at all!!!) perhaps some of the money grabbing wasters who double as MPs of this country will get on with doing so real work for the last few weeks of this parliament.

Rant over. Am I alone of being sick of it all already? At least the BBC's most read lists would suggest not!
How will Gordo get his message over without his tame broadcasting organisations the BBC and Sky? Without these great organs of information he won't get re-elected!
I think Gordo has fled the country.

I think he is a large glove puppet,being manipulated by Perfumed Pete!

Whilst reading a book last night,and half listening to the BBC news,there was an item about a press conference,with Gordo being asked if his missus was trailing around with him to help his election chances.

Before he could reply,and without looking up,I said to my wife" lucky mandelson isn't there,he would answer the question for Gordo",bugger me,as I said it who answered the question but Perfumed Pete,so I reckon Gordo has done a runner or been bumped off,and Pete,is just bidding his time before stepping into the breech :lol: