Electoral Fraud?

Just to keep you all hot and bothered comes this little missive from Bristol East:

Hot on the heels of Bigot-Gate comes this from the Labour candidate for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, who tweeted a publication of Postal Vote data. This information should be kept confidential until the election.


This is just a further extension of what Meddlebum, Broon the One-Eyed Loon, the totally incompetent Balls and the f*cking Millibands all need to be shredded for what they have done to this country and don't get me started on that twat Blair and his frogmouthed thing of a partner.

Britain was always held in high regard where Electioneering was concerned, NI excepted.
Then we had the judge who compared one election to 'Banana Republic' status.
Postal voting under this current administration has much to answer.

Of Course Tom on deployment seems to have problems. Wonder why.
jonwilly said:
Postal voting under this current administration has much to answer.
Well, there was nothing to stop any of the other adult residents of this house nicking my postal ballot. And they know my birthday and I'm fairly sure my daughter, at least, can do a passable facsimile of my signature ...

McCarthy is just a pompous idiot. Although how that separates her from the majority of the PPCs, I'm not sure.

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