Election videos (both satirical and serious)

There are some excellent election-related videos on the net. Some have been mentioned already. In these final days I thought it might be worth starting a thread for links which members would like to share with the rest of us, whether for amusement or more 'serious' reasons.

most will really need broadband unless you are VERY patient, and dont mind jerky movements :roll:

first round down the range:

Looked at (genuine) Labour ones next. Slow to load on my system (could mean everyone in UK is watching them!), and commendably serious! Maybe someone else will find one appropriate to post here.

Any Lib Dem online video? Any good ones from other parties?

Regardless of party preferences, this Conservative cinema advert "Imagine 5 more years of him" seems both watchable and fast to load:

I quite liked the Tory ones myself.

Showed them to a few friends yesterday and the feeling was that if the 'clean me' advert was being shown on prime time tv, that the tories would have a far far better chance of winning. It hit all the major points in a way that would call to the voting masses.

I did download the video from the conservative website but can't find it now, the amusing "get that look off your face" one is still there though.

(If anyone wants the clean me advert PM me or a mod can let me know if it can be uploaded).
hackle said:
Anti-war/anti-Blair (but not anti-Labour) message, graphic and moving, dont view it when pished.
I'll second that, watched it last night while a wee bit under the influence, it brought back some memories... Not good
This is one thatwas posted by Batman on the sigs thread, thought i'd copy it over as he clearly couldn't be bothered

It wasn't me

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