Election threat to Bliar!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. A soap-dodging wimmin's peace campaigner is to stand against Bliar at the General Election, according to the BBC:


  2. Oh god I hate the greenham common women with all my being they were wrong in the 80s (And no you scum didnt help end the cold war or
    acheive anything at all ) probably wrong now though son of star wars is bollocks a weapon system that dont work to protect us from a non exsistant threat i 'd rather vote for galloway than that fool hope the cia kill her
  3. Breathe, woody, breathe! That's better... No, no, don't hyperventilate, calm down man, calm down. Breathe into this paper bag. That's the ticket!
  4. sorry whatched that muslim jihad thing and slightly upset :lol:
  5. You shouldn't hate someone who made their protest the way the peace campaigners did, whether you agree with them or not. That is what a democracy is all about. If only the pro-hunting lobby had acted similarly, instead of showing themselves up as violent self-centred people who think they're above the law. If there was a "Greenham" style protest by Iraqi women in Basra next year, you'd sit back, stroke your beard and say; "Ah democracy. We helped them get that back."
  6. I think a wider political threat is developing against Blair and co.

    1 Constant undercurrent of distrust as a result of '45 mins' and the war

    2 Gradual appreciation of large tax increases for little more than vast expansion of the civil service

    3 Failure to understand why defence cuts are a good idea in the middle of a war

    4 Disgust over the hunting legislation

    5 Success of the 'bash a burglar' point of view

    6 Irritation with EU antics and concession of referendum on EU constitution, which seems very likely to be rejected

    7 Cracks in previously solid support from media and entertainment smart-arses

    8 Dislike of idea of identity cards compounded by diminution of moral stature of Blunkett

    9 Best of all, Lord Thing's comments in the Spectator about 'bad government' and 'bad law'.

    I sense a turn in the tide.
  7. It's going off topic a bit but I think that one of the major forces behind New Labours next election startagie is the sheer volume of welfare junkies (what a fine name for a band that would be!) out there. All they have to do is suggest that any other party would reduce their handouts and they have instantly got a large chunk of the UK population putting a tick in a box for a party and system they really could not care less about. Drug pushers use the same techniques.
    Someone said recently (I can't recall who) that there are only 2 classes left in the UK. Working and non-working. And guess whoes paying for who? If the Conservatives had any brains they would utilise this fact to mobilse the tax payers into action against Labour.
  8. do you think she is a dyke???


    She wrote
    Does that not jsut get on your t1ts?? Why oh why do we allow people with criminal records to become members of parliment. Are they not meant to be upstanding members of the community. Jus tlook at all those with criminal records and tell me you would like to have them as YOUR MP

    George " i love you saddam" Galloway
    Tommy sheridan
    Tony " wave the white flag" Benn

    The list goes on.

    I dont want either of them to be voted in cos they are both bloody loonies!! 8O

    agent smith
  9. Smudge, ever thought about standing yourself so as to tip the balance??

    There lies a solid slient majority who seem to agree with you......

    plus you get paid huge amounts and all your expences are covered by the tax payer. Lie, shag married woman, lie, take bribs, lie and oh yes lie..!!
  10. So a collection of dilapidated caravans filled with unwashed ugly lesbians parked up outside Parliament would have done the trick against the hunting ban, would it? I think not.

    There has been very little violence connected to the pro-hunting campaign, particularly once the incident created by poor policing and a few sabs in Parliament Square is taken out of the equation. As for being self-centred and above the law, I fear you have confused us with the government.
  11. Often thought about it (after listening to new labours preaching with gritted teeth) then thought about the quote....

    "Dont trust anyone who says they WANT to be a politician" (cant remeber the source)

    Says it all

    agent smith
  12. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt


    You can't have been there. Scrotty smelly bunch of individuals who used to crawl out from under their plastic sheeting in the morning, drop their shreddies and cr*p right in front of the blokes on our side of the wire. Not the kind of girls my Mum wanted me to bring home.

    On the other hand, it would liven up Prime Minister's Questions
  13. Need a whole regiment of little Dutch boys to deal with that :lol:
  14. Ok, a few things I like to share with the group, firstly my wife works for the job centre/dole office. Although the government is making more jobs in the civil service it is at the top, not at the bottom. Dole offices are slowly being replaced with call centres!!!! Next where the dole offices used to have a nice perspex screen between the nice lady and the Chav scroat druggy Tw*t who needs his dole for his next fix, they are taking them down!!!! to be more PC and friendly to the customers!!!!! There have only been 3 attempted assults this week in the particular office she works in. Would you be happy to be assulted physically and verbally on a daily basis for 10,000 a year!!!! Did you know that if you are a registered alcoholic you get an extra 10 quid a week!!!!! for your booze!!! Now i'm sure that goes against the labour policy on cutting down peoples alcohol consumption / burden on the NHS!!!
    Finally How's this for a radical idea bring back conscription for scroats who have been on benifit for over 6 months, then make them earn their 94 quid a fornight as a soldier. Then those who then after 3 years of service have taken to the "seperate" armed forces can if they want to and have made the grade, can transfer to the real forces with the upgrade to normal pay! However those who do not make the grade are given another 6 months in civvi street to find work with there new found skills, before they return for another year of conscription!! if employment was no gained.
    Now wouldn't that encourage the youth of today!!!!!!!!!? :evil: :twisted:
  15. Wouldn't she have to be a woman to qualify as a dyke?