Election tactics at a new low, say Tories

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. We all know that labour are possibly the worst government ever for their lies and spin, but will they manage to fool the country or will the coutnry see through the smoke and mirrors?

  2. A-S

    I thought accusing the other side of putting dirty tricks and smears at the centre of their campaign was the oldest dirty trick in the book! Surprised you fell for this.

    I mentioned on another post last week that I admired Jim Callaghan for admitting that politicians often lie because the public never want to hear the truth...........

    "Dr Fox told The Telegraph: "It is clear that Labour are willing to tell straightforward lies if they think it will help keep them in office."

    Interviewed over this week-end on Radio 4 with regard to the sacking of Howard Flight the 'Chingford Strangler' himself Norman Tebbit said almost the same thing word-for-word as Gentleman Jim, admitting he had often lied himself, specifically referring to the lies he had told at the time of privatising British Telecom. He indicated that it was political madness for anyone seriously looking to get into power to be completely honest with the electorate. Jim and Norman are of course right! Some political concensus there then!
  3. Granted but does that lessen the endemic use of lies and dis-information spread by the labour party?

    Just makes me think

    "what do they have to hide if they have to concentrate on the tories policies?"
  4. Gents there is no need to lie, as an old warrior taught me years ago, if something embarsesses you to say, then don't lie, just don't tell the truth.
    Before flaming me for that statement Think about it.
    For about the last 25 years its the policy I apply.
    PS. The guy who taught me that, used to claim he was the first GI to have been shot with a AK 47, back in Nam and before the yank Marines landed at Da Nang.