Election seat calculator

Anybody who still doubts that the constituency boundaries are heavily weighted in Labour's favour should click on the following link, which represents the result if Labour get 50% of the vote and the Conservatives get 50%, with other parties getting none:


Labour win 380 seats, Conservative 248 - i.e. a Labour majority of 114 would result! 8O

Also interesting is to swap the Con & Lab votes from last time around whilst leaving the others unchanged:


A result which led to a landslide majority of 154 for Labour would result in a majority of just 12 for the Conservatives.

Add some industrial-scale vote-rigging into the proceedings, and it looks rather like the system is biased towards a certain party... :roll:
If we don't get rid of NuLab this time we may not get another chance, ever.

The BBC calculator indicates that the Tory/Lab ratio needs to be at least 55.9/44.1 for the Tories to win.
Someone said in 1997 that if New Labour get in, you'll never get them out again. I think they were talking about proportional representation but I think the sentiment has stood the test of time.

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