'Election rigging' case poses threat to postal votes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/02/22/nelec22.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/02/22/ixhome.html
  2. Indeed :D

    The reason they asked for more time, is because the Labour Party are now not paying the Defence costs. But surely they are innocent and misunderstood? :twisted:

    Surprised the Torygraph missed that actually.
  3. If they walked out, can they not be arrested for contempt? They could then be given some more time, in the cells.

    If they are found guilty, I wonder how long it will be be before Bliar apologises to them....
  4. This can't be..Muslims cheating..rigging votes..never, tosser Blairs Muslim mates are allowed to do anything they want, it's a case of us nasty non muslims not understanding Muslim culture :roll:
  5. nice twist to the tail!

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That's totally uncalled for Armourer !

    What on earth makes you think that the defendants, Shafaq Ahmed, Shah Jahan, Ayaz Khan, Muhammad Azfal, Mohammed Islam and Mohammed Kazi, are Muslim ?
  7. Get off the Muslim thing. These gentlemen were not standing for "The Muslim Party"

    They were standing for the LABOUR Party, a party that stood to get a proper hammering in Birmingham.

    The case against this set of councillors, was brought by the PJP , a collection of right-wing Muslim gentlemen, that believe for example, that agriculture in Kashmir , and land fertility can be increased if soused properly in Indian Blood

    They are all at it, Christians and Muslims . Postal vote abuse is widespread.

    The PJP are bringing this case, because the vote rigging and cheating was breathtaking , even by their own standards. Allegedly

    There is another case starting behind this, of another set of Muslim gentlemen that seem to think they could take a massive pile of postal votes to a disused warehouse and ' Just check they were all ok'

    Postal voting needs to be brought under control , and I mean strict and rigid control.

    The question you need to be asking is this.

    Why are Labour so keen to see it's increased use, especially in areas with a large Muslim vote?
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    But isn't singling out areas of a particular ethnic origin racist ?

  9. I have an idea to combat postal election fraud:

    - Revert to voting only at proper polling stations.

    - Prevent anyone driving near the polling station on the day of the election, so that no-one can be enticed to vote with a free minicab ride, for example.

    - dip voters' fingers in purple dye when they have cast their vote, so they can't go round again.

    Simple really. I can't imagine why no-one's thought of it before.
  10. This seems to be an Election Court hearing of a petition brought by civil parties, not a criminal case, although I would trust that prosecutions would follow IF allegations are proved.

    So no question (I imagine) of contempt of court etc over these individuals walking out, assuming that they have not been cited as witnesses by other parties to the action. Perhaps they now should be.

    Election fraud was traditionally thought extremely rare in the United Kingdom.

    This perhaps reinforces a point I made some time ago when 'Emily' mentioned this case. Armed forces personnel and partners who do not trouble their arrse to register could, in some circumstances, make it easier to steal their identities for the purpose of electoral fraud.

    Not only that. Not going into details, but a serving individual who fails to keep their name on the electoral register could more easily find themselves the victims of identity theft for OTHER purposes, and find themselves at minimum trying to explain to a creditor that they are not the person who obtained money or goods.
  11. Where I live the "alledged" postal vote fraud was carried out by Muslim Labour party members for Muslim candidates.

    PTP if you don't like my posts delete them BUT I have not told any untruths.