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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Niamac, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Here's the breakdown of your results

  2. You left wing liberal :)

    I got 50% BNP, 50% UKIP
  3. It's amazing how the BNP keeps popping up in all these political orientated posts. You wouldn't actually realise that they were almost a political non- entity in British politics if you just relied on arrse for your daily dose of news. They would be much more honest when they made those comments if they declared their actual membership of the BNP rather than just keep slipping in continuous little titbits saying BNP this and BNP that!
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  4. Here's the breakdown of your results

    * BNP 75.00%
    * Conservatives 25.00%

  5. Here's the breakdown of your results


  6. But I'm not a BNP member, I don't even vote for them :D

    As for non-entity-

    A quick read of the results says they aren't a non-entity. No matter how much we might prefer them to be.
  7. One little mention in wikipedia and you are the dog's bollox. I don't think so. Get a life.
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  8. What in the name of **** are you dribbling on about?
  9. Who is "you"?
    Incase you weren't listening the 1st time around, I am neither a BNP voter or member :)
    I just find the whole notion of anyone paying attention to what some website recomends they vote for as quite funny.
  10. * Conservatives 33.33%
    * Green Party 44.44%
    * Labour 11.11%
    * Lib Dems 11.11%

    Uhh... I dont know how it calculates those scores but Green I am not, and Tory I will never be.

    Ive always voted SNP, because I like yellow.
  11. You said you got 50% BNP. The cap fit's.
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  12. And that translates to"you (as in me)" getting a mention on Wiki how?
    You really do take this stuff far to seriously!
  13. One of the flaws in that site is that it does not take into account credibility. When deciding who to vote for, one has to consider how likely it is that each party will actually do what it says.
  14. If I've overstepped the mark and painted you wrongly, I owe you an apology, but as a newcomer to arrse, I'm pretty amazed at the amount of exposure that the BNP get on this site either brazenly through what appear to be their supporters posting on here or indirectly, the times the BNP get a plug on here even if it's a bad one.
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