Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Polls now closed. In some places, ballot boxes will already be sealed and being rushed to the count.

    Unless the mod has other ideas, this might be a useful place for 'as it happens' news and comment.

    Exit poll predictions should be coming out about now. yes... BBC prediction Labour majority 66 seats. If this translates into fact, a comfortable majority in normal circumstances, but...

    As Malcolm Rifkind has just said, "The only poll which counts is the one announced by the Returning Officer."
  2. I think that 66 will be optimistic for Labour. My money is still on 40, although 50 is more likely.
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/vote_2005/frontpage/4513605.stm
  4. BBC prediction based on exit polls. I would add, many marginals too close to call

    Lab 37% - 356 seats
    Con 33% - 209
    LD 22% - 53

    BBC main election page
  5. I am off to bed in the knowledge that the fecker will get back in but with a bloody nose.

    Old Gordon will soon be PM and then its back to old Labour basics, tax, tax and tax some more! And then the feckers will be out!!!!!!!

    Roll on 2007......packing my bags with sunny climates in sight!
  6. Some would say, at least a greatly reduced majority will be better for democracy
  7. Labour retain safe seat Warrington South

    am off for coffee!
  8. and sunderland south.
  9. from The Independent - Your minute-by-minute guide to how the battle will be fought on the night

    Looks as if results coming in slower than the Independent expected - increased turnout (in general, favours Labour) including big increase in postal votes.
  10. All from one address in Bradford, apparently....

    Not from servicemen overseas, anyway. :evil:
  11. well, they COULD be the missing forces votes VB :twisted:

    as a serious point, that is one of the reasons why forces postal voters still need to monitor the arrival of their delayed ballots, let us know when they arrive, and tell the Returning Officer (and us) if they havent arrived soon. I'll probably put out something more on this.
  12. It is now looking closer than the exit polls suggest.

    Safe Labour seats in the North East are taking a pounding with swings up to 9%.

    The Lib Dems are doing well and I think they will do extremely well in urban areas, taking Labour votes.

    In other areas, the Conservatives will benefit from a Labour-Lib Dem swing.

    I still predict a Labour majority of 40. Perhaps lower. Burberry suitcases outside No 10 in the near future.

    Winner - the British electorate (those not disenfranchised).

    Loser - Tony Blair.

    Runners Up - Michael Howard before Charles Kennedy.

    Hopefully this is a crystal clear message. Britain does not want Blair.

    I am fed up of hating the Labour party for that man's sins. I would rather see a more constructive political system but that is not possible until the manipulation, spin and deceit vanishes - all down to one man and his inner circle.

    This election shows that the British public are not all Sun-reading brainless chavs, and that they care deeply about truth. Let's try and build a consensus on May 6th for a new way forward. That's the wine talking!

    (fingers still crossed)

    (oh, and hopefully the anti-Blair climate screws over Blunkett's chance of a cabinet job!)
  13. I would go to bed happy enough to see Prescott lose his seat :D Other than that I am happy enough to see Labour lose seats across the board.That said and upon reflection an average swing of 8% away from Labour is reason to be happy enough.
  14. I would like to swing towards Messrs Bliar, Brown, Hoon, Ingram and Caplin - with a large axe...
  15. or indeed swinging! end of rope/mucky photo's optional both would have the desired end :lol: