Election Honesty

So have ANY of the parties said what they intend to do about the often mentioned benefit claiming, jeremy Kyle watching, chav unterclass?

I realise of course that to say anything too loudly would stop any of them voting for that party, but it would certainly get a few in return from those of us who put the hours in, pay tax etc?

Why cant one of them turn around and say- 'Oi you lot- yes you -you workshy gits, once I get in power, stand the f*ck by, no more freebies'
Sadly the parties with a chance of getting in either have a vested interest in leaving that can of worms shut because it suits their chances of re-election (Labour), genuinely believe that we should be spunking out all our hard earned on the poor little twunts (LibDem), or know they have to play it softly-softly until they get in and shoe them if they want to get in (Conservative).

Sadly there's just too many people in the circle jerk, either the recipients of the benefit, or those in the huge fricking industry of 'servicing' the entitled class directly or indirectly, or the politicians with the dime-bag of benefits getting them hooked at an early age so they get stuck into the system, and thus are guaranteed to vote for whichever party will keep them from getting off their asses the longest.

Of course this merely postpones the inevitable tits-up collapse, and ensures it gathers momentum so things are more and more unrecoverable.

Hey, it could be worse, we could be in Greece, because there's no parallel with society here at all, is there :x
To be honest, in my view people who dont want to work make it easier for those of us that want jobs and want to better our lives.
None of the parties it seems wants to say too much about the subject, but you never know if Dave gets in, he might have something up his sleeve...

We know what Labours policy on this is, they have created the 4th class after all.
There's a huge Conservative party billboard poster round here which says: "We'll cut benefits for anyone who refuses a job". But I've neither heard nor seen anything but that.
In one interview Dave C did state that the unemployed would get three chances and if they turned down all three job offers then benefits would be reduced. Cant understand why they should get three , heres a job , wont do it ? OK bloody starve
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