Election Fever in Iraq

Does this mean more touble afoot?

See that grand poohbah, Al Sistani has formed a ' coalition of the willing ' among various branches of the Shiite groups in the run up to the January elections.. This ' association ' of Shiite' parties' will be putting forth a slate of ' approved' candidates for the 275 positions in the new assembly.. Ol Al sistani himself is not seeking public office [ that would not be in keeping with his exalted position as keeper of the holy Islamic tenets ] but has been ' chosen ' to vet and approve the slate of cnadidates.. These stalwart Sons of Mohummed , and note that they are all sons - no daughters - will be ready to step up band be counted in January.. With the Shiites holding 60 % of the population a good chunk of their chosen will likely get elected.. the Sunnis aren't nearly as well organized and the Kurds are going it alone with their own slate, most likely forming a minority as they will be elected from their own small northern regions and not have candidates in the south..

The New Assembly will be tasked with drawing up a new constitution so that by 2006 a second election can be held to put in place a full government...Any suckers want to bet that , should Al Sistani's adherents make up the majority of the ' free and democratic ' assembly come the new year, that one of the first things they will do is vote to remove the stricture put in place by Dubya's interim flunkies that restricts the government from implementing a constitution and government based solely and exclusively on Sharia/Islamic Law? Right now, Iraq's lawmakers are to ' observe ' the rights of Islam but allow non-adherents [ Christians and Jews ] to have full freedoms and that ' rule of law ' cannot be exlusionary or retrictive...

What happens when that changes [ and it will ] ? After all the decision will have been reached through a proper voting procedure and be the ' express will of the voters and encompassed by their duly elected representatives.. "

ain't politics fun?.. See that the Ukraine is about to split down the middle and, hey.. the US has put 18,000 soldiers on alert and is gearing up to try and quash Taliban/Al Quaeda insurgents in Afghanistan who might want to screw up the new, duly elected Karzai Government from getting on with things.. assuming the rebels are not too busy making millions from the best and biggest crop of Cocaine poppies ever grown...

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