Election date announced by Moscow?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCSignals, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Britain to "go to polls" May 5

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Tony Blair is planning on holding an election on May 5, a Russian lawmaker says after the prime minister turned down an invitation to Russia's World War Two Victory Day celebrations.

    "British Prime Minister Tony Blair said there will be elections in his country on May 5, and that is understandable," Konstantin Kosachyov, chairman of the State Duma foreign affairs committee, was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.

    read story here
  2. Thanks RCSignals!

    Well, that seems to be it, then. Election 5th May. Register by 11th March at the latest.

    Although, as PTP's computer has gone down, I better say it for him, not necessarily in the language he would use:

    "Mr Blair is not incapable of maskirovka" :lol:
  3. Well, full marks for prediction - the fact it was all over the front page of the Sun months ago can't have had anything to do with it!
  4. Did you see the Pee Emm on Richard & Judy last evening?
    He even sat in as host on "You say, we pay"...

    Another couple of appearances like that, a visible bit of laddishness at the next England game (scarf round the neck, swift pint with Eriksonn at half-time) A "heart-warming" public announcement re the Royal Wedding and he's going to be back with a bigger majority than at present.
  5. 5 May would be about right. Just before the Army Navy game so all the forces will be occupied with planning their drinking marathon. Too busy planning various RVs in the Cabbage Patch etc to worry about who will lead us into another cut-back.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Seems odd to me that we are getting a royal wedding so near to an election. I presume that Chuck asked permission from the real Head of State (Alastair Campbell) before announcing this?

    * Tinfoil hat removed *
  7. I find it amusing that our socialist leaning Neu Arbeit Partei have seen fit to leak the date through the former home of socialism and multi-culturism! :wink:
  8. Errrr....I don't think either Russia now or the Soviet Union could be described as "multiculturist": more like Russian domination of everyone else's culture.