Election 2010

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. OK, so it has to be obvious now that an election is in the off, probably earlier than 5th May (last possible date).

    So snap poll, who would you vote for tomorrow?
  2. Voted UKIP, best of a bad lot.
  3. Is that date right? I thought the smart money was on 6th May (to coincide with council elections.) Is this correct?:



    We had a poll here:

  4. Since that poll was taken in November it'll be ointeresting to see if there has been any swing between then and now.
  5. I can't vote for Duurrzzett's answer to Wolfie Smith on this one. :(

    EDIT: Though, seriously, as this is a General Election and this seat is marginal .... and I've met Jim Knight a few times, I will vote for it to remain Labour. I have voted far left once? or twice?, but it must have been in local elections. When I voted in the earlier Arrse poll, I'd forgotten how long it has been (5 years!) since we had a General Election. There is no way that I could live with the thought that I'd helped the Tories. :omfg:
  6. I will wait till as close as possible to the actual day because my vote will go to the candidate who has the best chance of unseating Goron in Kirkaldy, the choice is likely to be between the Limpdems and the SNP
  7. I don't think the 5th May date is right. I think the latest date is early June. I would suggest that we will have the same answer as last time, which was, for the users of this site

    1. Centre-right Conservatives
    2. Right-wing UKIP
    3. Far-right BNP

    Which I think is a fair reflection of the politics of most on this site.
  8. Lib Dem - but for local reasons as explained on another thread.

  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Voted UKIP,I have lost what little confidence I had in Cameron.

    Their MEP put on a good speech in Brussels last week.We need more of this in the UK parlia(r)ment.
  10. Tories in my area, the majority is near solid & very little chance of changing.
  11. Your joking surely, I always thought Farage was a weak brained numpty who was simply in it for the expenses, but last week was the pits, there is no way I would have some one who behaved like that represent me anywhere, even Brussels.
  12. The last possible date for a General Election is Thursday 5th June 2010. It's is likely to be 6 May as this the same day the local council elections take place.
  13. I wouldn't describe UKIP as far right.
  14. You mean direct personal abuse, disguised by a decent vocabulary, coupled with the suspicion that it's nothing more than cheap xenophobia from a man who has kicked the arrse out of his expenses to an extent which a British MP could only dream of?

    Forgive me for disagreeing...

    Simple rule of thumb applies -

    If you want Gordon Brown out of No.10 the day after the election, vote Tory, unless in a solid Labour safe seat when vote for the person most likely to defeat the Labour incumbent or turn the seat into a marginal.

    In all other cases, if you aren't bothered whether Gordon remains with OPCON over Nokia deployment, vote for a party other than the Tories.

    The electoral arithmetic means that while voting (say) UKIP will raise two fingers to Cameron, if enough people do so, Gordon will either win with a small majority or be given first crack at forming the next government.

    While I don't have a source for this to hand, I'm pretty sure that one of the broadsheets has discovered that a post-election Conservative party is likely to be rather more Eurosceptic than the current one, since the PPCs lined up to replace those retiring because of age/desire to spend more time maintaining their moat are much less (or even less) keen on the EU than the current Tory backbench line-up.

    It would be a bit ironic to wake up on 7th May to discover that UKIP and 'others' had done just enough to ensure that a party with a backbench line-up far more Eurosceptic in nature than just a fortnight before fell short of the number of seats to take office, ensuring the return of the man who gave us the Lisbon Treaty...
  15. And I would describe the BNP as far left (and racist...)