Elec/Av Tech Civvi Qualifications from Arborfield - contacts??

Hi guys,

I left the Corps in 2007. I want to complete the qualifications that I started on upgraders (2005) but not sure where to go to find out what I need to do.

I am sifting through some of my old records but its taking time, are there any Electronics Techs or Avionics Techs around that would have done upgraders in or around 2005 that have done this before that can advise me?

I seem to remember being told that by the end of upgraders we would have completed a number, maybe most, of the modules for a HNC and I think it was with the University of Glamorgan.

Internet searches for me have drawn a blank. Is there somebody at SEAE that I could contact that might be able to help me out?

Cheers all.


If you're after phone numbers / depts etc we cannot give that information over the www. Best thing to do is Google Arborfield Garrison - there's a number of community guides available which have useful numbers. Ask one of them you're after external validation and they'll hopefully put you in touch with the right dept.

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