Eldon TW@T Anderson apologising...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Machristo, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. on ITV news in a minute, just saw the trailer before the adverts. apparently he meant no offence to WWII veterans..... wonder if ARRSE'll get a mention?

    more to come soonest.
  2. 'recieved numerous angry phonecalls'

    lot of backpedalling in there, and he 'meant no offence' especially to our troops in iraq (who he 'appreciates') and our WWII veterans. plus something about not getting on with his neighbours. why am i not surprised.
  3. Apparently he's had "numerous angry phonecalls" (says the reporter)

    And, from him, "I hope nobody took offence because I certainly didn't want that"!!!!!!!!!
  4. Who is Eldon Anderson?
  5. Sometimes Google can be useful.
  6. Well if you have a contact for the tw*t I want it, I am a Blue & Royal and he disgusts me.
  7. 'you have mail'
  8. Seems that Google are no longer listing him. Now where did I post that search result on page 5 of a thread about a "Friend of Popov 36" again????? :p

    Edited to add: PompeySailor, your Google must be better than mine. Either that or the Pentagon have traced my connection :wtf:

    *** runs to the kitchen for tinfoil, hat for the making of ***
  9. You just made my day, thank you.
  10. Posts edited or deleted.

    Come on guys, no physical real world addresses please.
  11. Was it only me who read that as; "Well if you have a contract for the twat....
  12. Last post deleted.

    I asked for no real world names and addresses please.

    I'd rather not see the headline "British Soldiers in witchhunt of confused and misguided American Vietnam veteran"

    It was a rant, he was clueless and misguided, we are better than that. He has also apologised.

    DaBlue. Very brave of you to repost that , especially when you went to great lengths to mask your own ID. Which tabloid are you from?
  13. Thread locked, it's elsewhere on Arrse anyway.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.