Elderly man defends customers at internet cafe against armed thugs

If he had been a bit more accurate it would have saved the state the cost of prosecuting the two but then the state might have tried Mr Williams. Feisty old bugger, ain't he.
Well done Mr Williams. And thank God for the Florida legal system.

By the way JJH, the video said he was 63. That is NOT elderly FFS!!!
Amazingly he pops of three or four rounds, in a flurried cafe and manages to only hit the bad guys! Loving his combat pistol approach and what looks like a final round fired, just as the door swings shut behind the clowns!
"Ancient? Over the hill? Past it?"

exbluejob, do get some time in!

Although I do believe that your're not that far behind me!
Well done that man. That has put a smile on my face for this morning.


Perhaps we could Mr Williams over here to help out at the Olympics
Great! Don't mess with the oldies!
Next time somebody accuses you of being a grumpy old git, smile sweetly and suggest they meet your friend Sam Williams.

Give it a couple of days though and the liberal wing will reveal Mr williams is a anti-gun control fanatic, paedophile and member of white supremacist organisations...as if that makes a happorth of difference? If you were in a cafe and it started going down like Pulp Fiction, you would be happy if even Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta intervened right?

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