Elderly Judge Shoots and Kills Burglar in Home

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. This from my local paper today will no doubt set off howls of horror from some and paeans of praise from others. The late miscreant appears to have been just the kind of lad one would have liked to come take one's daughter out on a date. The saying quite popular here now comes to mind "When seconds count the police are just minutes away."

    Augusta judge shoots, kills masked burglar || OnlineAthens.com
  2. Good drills, that man - should change his name to Judge Dredd!
  3. Good drills, we should have the same rights here.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Sheriff Strength said his office advocates that people be armed and follow the judge's example.
    "We support that 100 percent," Strength said. "If somebody breaks into your home we expect and hope that what Judge Overstreet did this morning would be done by any other citizen." '

    jesus...I long for the day our plod ever say that...
  5. What a top bloke, again if it happened here the judge would already have been banged up for Manslaughter...
  6. Good for him!
  7. I like that judge. I also love the attitude of the sheriff. Based on the news article sounds like one shot, one kill.

    Given the price of ammo it pays to be accurate.
  8. I have no sympathy for the deceased and fully endorse the home owner's right to discharge a legally held firearm in his defence. This case is pretty open and shut. However I also recall an English tourist was shot dead when he got lost and rang on a doorbell to ask where he was. He was shot through the glass door and killed. Clearly not everyone should be armed.
  9. He just had the misfortune to knock on the wrong door, had firearms been illegal there's nothing to say he wouldn't have been stabbed, beaten with a baseball bat or just locked in the cellar. You can't ban firearms on the actions of looneys.
  10. Nor have I suggested that they should be banned, just controlled.
  11. Given the attitude of the Sheriff etc, B&E in Augusta must register very highly on the Darwin Award Scale.

    Excellent drills by the judge. Take yesterday off, your honour.
  12. Yep - in the same cell previously occupied by Tony Martin. And the family of his "victim" would have engaged a no win no fee lawyer to take the judge to the cleaners.

    Having said that, I am reminded of a bloke in America who was awoken in the night by noises in the kitchen. He promptly grabbed his gun, ran downstairs, saw somebody in the kitchen and opened fire. Killed his daughter who had come downstairs for a drink of juice. Frightened civvies and deadly firearms are a recipe for tragedy. I once read that 70% of shootings in America are accidents, like Dick Cheney blasting his mate while quail hunting, rather than criminals shooting victims or self defence.

    A top tip published by a blogging police officer is to drag any burglars that you've beaten to a pulp and/or stabbed and/or killed into the street and leave them there. There will be no charge for anybody unless the burglar confesses to burglary or the murder squad is feeling uncharitable. He reckons that round his way there has been an explosion in the number of people found semi dead in suburban streets and who just happen to have a list of burglary convictions as long as your arm.
  13. It still wasn't the gun that killed her, it was the idiot holding it. It could have been a knife or a bat, you can't ban idiots. Tony Martin did shoot a man in the back, it's difficult to argue self defence there.
  14. I doubt that the English tourist would have been stabbed through the door. The act of switching on a light and calling through the door to see what the person wanted might have been a good idea, if the householder didn't have a gun the guy would still be alive.
  15. Virtually all regulation of society is an exercise in line-drawing. Where the people choose to draw such lines will vary with the culture and if such choices are truly the result of a truly representative government of such people, we can complain or disagree from afar and if within that nation work to change the line but until then, "it is what it is."