Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cunning_stunt, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Just wondered if it is something generally made known to PQOs, ORs and everyone else?
  2. Not heard of problems for PQOs before-I suggest you speak to the IERO or the IERO Clerk at your local Education Centre. They should be able to check with the ELC company-you may have been registered anyway. They will also advise whether you can retrospectively register. The lower tier kicks in after 4 years so you may still get something.
  3. This is nothing to do with being an officer, you could have and should have enrolled at least 7 years ago, if not longer before that.

    Google is your friend:

    elcas website
  4. :?

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAARGGH. Sorry, read LE for PQO. I am an [expletive deleted]
  6. I seem to remember everyone being herded in to the training wing and made to sign up for ELC. There were posters everywhere, notes on payslips and and notices in POOs.

    See if u can come up with a good excuse for missing 2003 then see your IERO!
  7. Ummm, yes my excuse would probably be I joined the army in 2006. I think that's fairly water tight.......
  8. The contact numbers on the ELC website appear to be out of order. I have emailed them but not confident of getting a reply.

    Now the ballache of trying to contact my education centre when I am on loan 80miles away to a unit without an education centre. Rock n roll.
  9. Ask your current unit SPS Det Comd or RAO. One of them will be designated unit resettlement officer and should have the IEROs phone number to hand.
  10. Sorry cunning_stunt. I thought you got a LE commission in 2006. I don't know what a PQO is!

    If you really did not enlist until 2006, you should have been briefed on ELC during initial training and made the decision whether or not to sign for ELC then. So your excuse is a good one - "Nobody told me!"

    Write a letter to that effect to your IERO, enclose the ELCAS application form, proof of enlistment date and a letter of support from a Capt or above. The IERO may then decide to forward these docs thro the C2 for a decision.
  11. Thanks codger (PQO=Professionally Qualified Officer, Drs, Lawyers, Padres etc). I enlisted on 2nd August 2006 with a bit of seniority, I was immediately "sent out to work" as I was fully qualified, so I missed out on a lot of briefings that the newly qualified entrants had. We didn't cover this at Keogh (what did we cover... not a lot) and certainly not on our Vicars and Tarts course at Sandhurst.

    I will speak to the RAO.
  12. It is about time this WAS covered in ALL first weeks of training (I appreciate on the Vicars and Tarts course, this would be in the first half of your training :D ) and again at the end, with signing for done at somepoint between.

    Infact, would it not be an idea to make this a MATT? It could go in with the other lectures.... with resettlement knowledge and a bit of info on pensions.
  13. I don't understand why you have to opt in anyway. Surely nobody in their right mind who was aware of the scheme would decide against registering.
    "up to £6000 free spends to obtain further qualifications,........no thanks I'll pass.."
    Who would do that? It should be signed straight after your 1157.
  14. I know of people who have passed on it........
  15. I have a question.

    Am looking into a University degree using my ELC. Course is three years with the first two years costing £1000 each year and £250 in the final year.
    Now ELC are 3 lots of £2000 a year. If I dont use £2000 in ful,l I lose the remainder?
    My question is, could I use one years ELC to pay for two years fees or will I just lose 2000 quid?