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Hi there,

I want tho do a Photography Course with First Point Photography. They are registered with ELCAS, and having spoke to them, they say that currently 60% of attendees are from the military using their ELC claim.

My problem is, when I spoke to the ELC Advisor in RAF Odiham (I'm not a crab) she flat out gave me the big FO tablet and said it wasn't in the service interest, and she wouldn't rubber stamp my claim.

I know that people are managing to get all sorts of courses, so is there any way around this or has this bi&ch got me my the balls!

This is not for resettlement.

Any help would be appreciated.
While you are still serving, you have to show that the course is in the Service interest or is part of your resettlement. If it just for a hobby you are stuffed, unless you are the Unit Photographer and the Service would benefit. You would need backing from your CoC for it though.

How much is the course? I would be very careful about blowing ELCs on a hobby. They are very useful for resettlement.
The aim of ELC is:

The main prerequisite is for the Training Provider to be registered with ELCAS which obviously this one is and for the course to be at Level 3 or above on the National Qualifications Framework.

My Bold.

I beg to differ.
The first hurdle (and the one that the OP has stated is the problem), is to show it is in the interest of the Service. As the OP has already stated it is for a hobby, they are on a hiding to nothing.
The OP's best course of action (if they still want to blow one set of ELCAS on a hobby) is for them to volunteer as the Unit Photographer, get support from the CoC for a course (to improve their usefulness as a Unit photographer), and demonstrate that it also fits in with their current resettlement plan.

It all depends on the interpretation of the rules by the IERO.
You've hit the nail on the head. If you can convince an IERO that a course of study for personal development (even if it is not strictly career related) will benefit the Service, you are on a winner. You could argue that any study which improves an individual benefits the Service.

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