Has anybody got a clue what the correct criteria is for using your ELC. I recentley applied for a course to be financed by my ELC credits as advised by the company that ran the relevent course as they are a registered ELC user. They have had plenty of other service personnel attend courses by means of ELC.

However i have been informed today by the ELC personnel at Warminster that i am not eligible for the ELC as i am not in my resettlement period.

Is it just me or has the goalposts moved??
That sounds like pap to me. I know there is a proper process....ie the ALC/or your education officer should have had some interviews with you to ensure that you are using your ELC properly. There must be a clear audit trail for the bean counters, so there are some hoops that you have to jump through. Some Education centre staff will just let you bluff it but some won't as they have to answer to the big boys too. Try this link which is the ELC homepage

Good luck......PS you aren't using EBO as your learner provider are you..?they are shocking!
I heard a rumour today that ELC rules may change next April and a higher rate of award is being made (not a change to the two levels of ELC but a change to their value)

I was told that it would not be applicable to anyone who has previously made an ELC claim. As someone who is about to submit an intent to claim, I am very keen to know if anyone knows anything about this?

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