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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Crafty990, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking for an answer to this hypothetical scenario. Let's say I was to take ELC to pay for a course, say the combined L3 AVA (assessor), PTTLs and CTTLs with the AVA and PTTLs being a week long residential and the CTTLs being distance learning for 6 months after. Then lets say I was to attend the week of PTTLs/AVA then secure a place on a DTTT course and get handed the CTTLs after a week of it. Where would I stand on claiming the course as complete and filling out the evaluation form and presenting my CTTLs cert with a different provider all over it. The original course provider having cashed the cheque presumedly, me happy with quals, but ELCAS £1600 out of pocket (sort of). Would I be looking at getting a stern talking to or is it 'everyone's had a slice and happy?' This is hypothetical of course.
  2. Try to back out of the £1600 course.

    Failing that complete it.
  3. You can do the courses for less money than you think if you shop around. I did my PTTLS course for £250 at a local college. It's not much more to do the CTTLS.

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  4. Mug.

    I got CTTLS and some other cse for less than 50 sheets doing the DTTT course.

    You get PTTLS thrown at you for doing the DIT course.
  5. You'd have probably been better off doing Numeracy and Literacy at your local AEC.

    Literacy - British Army Website
  6. I didn't get PTTLS with my MOI either.

    I did get a Level four CTTLS on the DTTT though. No point being prepared to teach to level 4 if you don't have a level 4 Certificate to teach is there? Really.
  7. That is why am doing the level 4 Learning & Development Course which is equivalent to the CTTLS qual. I know most education organisation require a minimum of PTTLS, but prefer someone with CTTLS or the equivalent.
  8. How much does that cost?
  9. Ok forget the hypothetical nature, here's what I actually did. DIT course (you no longer get PTTLs with it), liked it alot, signed off, went to a training provider to get A1, PTTLs and CTTLs (PTTLs & A1 in a week and CTTLs as distance learning) and payed £1600 through ELC. Met another bloke on the course who says "no crafty, your doing it all wrong. Get on the DTTT , hey presto 6 month grizz turned into a week long doss". Sacked off the long distance CTTLs and went on the DTTT therefore I can't say that the course is complete and have no cert from the training provider apart from A1 and PTTLs. Now I'm enrolled on a Cert (ed) and I want to use ELC again but I dont know if I'm gonna get an earful off some Maj (retd.) because I cant complete the evaluation from the previous course. Whats the score? Have I broke any rules?
  10. http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/keydownloads/JSP%20898%20Part%204%20Chap%203%20May%2013%20Version%203.0.pdf

    Para 17, sub-para o, on page 4-3-9.
    Para 22, on page 4-3-10.
    You haven't completed the course...
  11. So I'm fucked.
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    If you make a second claim then they might well ask you to repay the part of the first one that you "sacked off". How exactly did you think that the MoD paying £1000+ to a course provider for a course you then didn't turn up for qualified as "everyone's had a slice and happy".

    Read on in the PDF document linked by Incubus_Imperator above and you come to para 29 which talks about withdrawal from a course as follows:

    "Learners are not permitted to withdraw from their course without adhering strictly to Single Service procedures.

    Personnel who fail to follow the procedure must note that they are personally liable for the payment of all fees and other costs due to the training provider;additionally, they also risk forfeiting both their ELC instalment and their membership of the ELC scheme."

    Yes it looks like you are screwed.
  13. Just do the course... twice.


    Phone up the provider and see if you can complete your final bit (CTLLS). Bit of a ball ache, but better than paying back 1600 sheets and losing (in effect) £6,000.

    Next time read the fcuking rules, before listening to some throbber.