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I moved down under in June last year after 11 years in the Army, but I didn't do any resettlement, as I wasn't sure, what to do and also what qualifications would be recognised down here. Now living down under I was wondering if anyone had been able to use their ELC for a course in Australia. I did look into the whole SCUBA diving instructors course, however I live in Canberra and it's a good 2 hours to the coast, not really a journey I want to take every morning and evening. So something a little more run of the mill down here would be good.
To claim ELC, you have to be registerd for the scheme. This happened in Apr 2003. If you joined up after that, you should have had the chance to register in initial training.

After 4 years in the scheme you are entitled to claim 80% of the cost of a qualification (which has to be at least NVQ Level 3) to a max of £1000 in each of 3 financial years.

After 8 years in the scheme you can claim 80% to a max of £2000 in each of 3 F/Ys. If you were serving in 2003 and registered then, your 8 yrs would count from Apr 2000 so you would have reached the higher tier in Apr 2008.

You can use ELC for up to 10 years after you leave

The other snag with ELC is that the provider of the qual has to be in the ELC scheme so there will not be too many in Oz.
As well as the ELC website, check out quest website for relevant training providers most have their Trg number on the list to assist, if not I would suggest contacting them direct


, I have to agree with codger that their may not be many training providers for your specific Ressetlement course in your location so I would suggest widening your options to match the training providers that 'are' available,

Good luck in your process.

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