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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lord_Vetinari, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone new a way to get the ELC scheme to pay for most of my degree.

    I have just signed up for one starting in May(I couldn't wait around to sort the claim paperwork for my first module as the course was about to close) with the Open University.

    I have priced it up and it will come to about £4000. I know I have to pay 20% of the cost. I have spoken to the OU and they are happy (of course) to have a lump sum of money sat with them which they dip into when I need to pay for a module.

    The ELC scheme will let me have £6000 from next year but in 3 claims in every financial year. Has anyone looked into this, know a way of getting round this? I do appreciate being able to get some money and am not whingeing. I would pay for the degree myself anyway but don't want to waste £2000 worth of claim on a £600 module for example in one year.

    Any help is gratefully appreciated.

    Many thanks, TN.
  2. The claims are one time only.

    If you don't spend all of the £1000 or £2000 then you lose the remainder.

    Are you thinking of OU full time or part time?

    You are correct you would lose £1400 on just one module costing £600.

    I don't know of another way around. Except if the OU are able to charge for modules that you will do in the future today. Sort of buying 3 years worth of modules in one year.
  3. I thought about trying to get OU to forward project my courses and try and pay for them all in one go but ELC are very clever and say you can only put a claim in for courses in that financial year.
    I may just have to be a bit clever and look further forward myself to try and get courses that start at one end and another that starts at the end of the financial year hence making a bigger claim.

    Can I use SLC at the same time as ELC do you know?
  4. With the OU you can get an OU Student Account, it's a way normally of paying things off as you study. There is nothing stopping you booking courses in advance and settling the invoice in full, letting the cash sit in the OUSA bank. The ELC administrators might get a bit funny about this, as the rules say that you have to undertake the study in the payment period. However, rather than trying to find a way to circumvent the rules, talk to the ELC people and tell them what you want to do, they may turn out to be pretty flexible.
  5. Tech,

    Don't be a muppet and waste your ELC. I, too, am studying with the Open Uni but I'm using my SLC (£175) to pay for the modules. You can start up a Student Account with the Open Uni and pay it off each month for the duration of the course. It works out as costing about £65 a month or after the SLC is deducted from the cost upon successful completion of the course, about £48 a month. I'd spend double that amount easily on a good night out! Trust me, you will end up sacrificing some nights out to do assignments and study for your Open Uni course so a £50 a month cost is a pittance really.

    I'd strongly advise you to not waste a £2,000 allowance on a £600 course where you could only claim back £480 of the cost of the course (80% remember).
  6. Yes there is. Even though it's January and I've booked one of my modules that starts in 4 weeks time, I still cannot register for a Level 1 business course I want to do that starts in May as the Open Uni do not allow reservations that far in advance and it's only 5 months away!

    Enjoying civvy life PS??? It's looking like you got out at the right time! :D
  7. Can you use SLC to pay for SIA licenses etc?
  8. No you can't. The SLC is a renewable qualification (Every 3 years at £190) and therefore could be classed as a 'membership fee'. The SLC will not cover membership costs.
  9. The OU will let you register for courses, you just need to make a phone call. When I was doing double-up courses (120 points), they just wanted some reassurance that I wasn't going to bail out on them - they probably want the same sort of assurance that in 4 months time you aren't going to have a crisis of confidence and not take up the place.

    As for outside life -

    Loving it! Me, my OU degree and my PGCE are getting on great at the moment. £12K worth of grants and loans (at 2%!), pension, lump sum and a £6K bursary.....what more could I want?

    And teaching starting wages are near the £21K mark, so add the pension, plus my private tutoring income (and ASDA!), and Blair and Brown can kiss my arrse!
  10. You can use them simultaneously, but not for the same course, i.e. you would need to do two seperate courses - one of which would be offset by ELC and the other using SLC.
  11. Not sure of the Army rules, but could you not book and pay for three modules and then defer 2? Lots of people defer courses once they have started them for all sorts of reasons - with the OU you can defer a course without penalty until the start date of the course (there are some exceptions to this - you can get details from the OU)
  12. You couldn't get away with this under ELC as there is a certificate of completion than must be submitted at the end of the course, and since ELCAS must know the dates of the course prior to you starting it, there is mot much room for blagging it.

    They have it all sown up. It's better than nothing but unless you are doing a course of £2.5k+, you cannot claim the entire benefit.
  13. Not quite correct, Sammy the cat!

    The optimum fee for claiming ELC is £1250 (until Apr 08). The punter pays 20%, which is £250 and can claim the maximum £1000 from ELCAS.
    The main point is that you claim the ELC money BEFORE you sign up for the course
  14. I have been studying with the OU for 2 years going into my third year.

    You can apply both the SLC and the ELC to OU study although you can only claim 1 of the two to 1 module.

    If you use SLC for a module you will get all 175£ but have to foot the rest,

    With ELC (if you have the qualification time in) you will have a course (say 900£ for a level 2 language course) which gets paid for you but you do lose the difference.

    Three years max running time for ELC but every year for SLC.

    My advice - all level 1 courses pay for with SLC and foot the difference and the level 2 & 3 courses use the ELC which pay more but the courses also cost more, that way you will have the best value for money. Also opt to pay via the OUSBA (ou student budget acct) this is an easy way to pay for your courses.

    Need more info just pm me.
  15. What are you studying - I have considered the OU MBA, but I will probably wait until the £2k allowance kicks in.