ELC/ FE schems

Wondering if anyone could clarify on this:

I have spoken to the ELC and the AEC regarding applying for further funds through the FE scheme to supplement the costs towards an OU degree, of wich I am coming towards the end of the second year.

I have been told by both that I cannot claim under ths scheme because I am not completing 50% of the degree in a year. Now, full time universities normally take either three or four years to complete a degree. Therefore, this rule would require me to simultaneiously do three 60 point courses per year in order to gain access to FE funding (Which is virtually impossible). Therefore, although these funds are advertised, they are virtually unreachable. The ELC help desk informed me that people are gaining access to such funding, however, I cannot see how this can be achieved as it would turn the workload of a part time degree into one third more than that of a student in a full time university (unless the degree was in basket weaving!).

Additionally, when I registered for the course last year, I was told by the ELC that as long as I enter my resettlement phase, when my three years of ELC claims run out, the ELC/FE would also cover the remaining two years of courses to complete the degree. However, this was also retracted by the help desk today because I am not doing half of the degree per year.

I really don't mind funding my own degree modules/courses but if there are funds advertised as being available, why aren't they accessible? Is it just a ploy to get the MOD's investors in people tick in the box or something along those lines?

Has anyone got any experience of this or advice etc?

Many thanks in advance!
Just to add to this, it states on the ELC website that to be elligible to claim, in addition to being in the resttlement period, a person must 'Be undertaking at least the equivalent of 50% of a full time course'.

120 points are obtained in most full time degrees. My degree, as per most OU degrees provide 60 points per year, which IS half of that of a full time course!!!!

So why are the people who are employed to regualte the pathway to these funds saying otherwise?

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