(ELC) Enhanced Learning Credits/Or whatever they are Called

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nottyash, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes;

    I left the Army in 2007 and at some point prior to my discharge I recall signing a form, which registered me for ELC. (I think thats what they are called). Sometime later I received notification that I had been successful and my application had been approved. Regretfully, I no longer have that piece of paper.

    A little further down the line I find myself thinking about taking up a 'distance learning' degree course. I wondered if there are any 'gurus' on here that could answer a couple of questions please.

    1. Is there a time limit on accessing ELC funding.

    2. Is there a single point of contact for applying for funding. If so any contact details, be it telephone number or email address would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. You well find all the information you'll need on the Enhanced Learning Credits site.
  3. ...surely it has to be part of your ressetlement(if you have any) or you can't do anything now you've left...
  4. you can ask them to email you your certificate as well.
    Remember though, if you use your ELC now you are out, the amount you get is taxed.
  5. Its mentioned in your resettlement briefing but ELC isnt part of your resettlement, its only this year that it came in that you could use you ELC and your £534 resettlement money together.
  6. Thanks for answers have emailed an 'Online Information Request'. Never thought to Google it as I mistakenly believed that such information would only be avialable on DII etc.

    Tax.........fortunately Non Dom's don't have to worry about such things. 8)

    Edited to add:

    I did not complete any ressettlement, other than my intial briefing - to my detriment as at the time I had secured a job as a Police Officer with my local force. It did not seem appropriate at the time to waste mine or anyone else time.

    Every day is a school day. You live and learn.
  7. Notty, I am not at work at the mo, some leave before getting posted mullarky thing, but if you give me 3 weeks, I will be in a very good position to sort you out, mebbe......

    Dale T xx
  8. Mate,

    That would be perfectly gentlemanly of you and appreciated.

  9. Notty, Sweety,

    Call me a blerk again, and you will get a very gentlemanly thumb shoved up your hoop.

    Hope this helps xxxx
  10. So not only are you going to help me out with top notch info, but are offering sexual favours too. 8O
  11. Don't forget that even though you registered for ELC before discharge, you may only claim (before or after discharge) if you have completed 4 years Eligible Service. So, if you discharged within 4 years of joining the scheme, you have no claim. Sorry.
  12. Yellowbelly is correct.

    Why not phone ELC to find out where you stand.

    No is 0845 3005179. all they need is your service number
  13. Cheers, have made the necessary enquiries. Qualified for tier 1, couple of months short of tier 2 (End of Colour Service). Cnuts. :x