ELC Claiming for OU Courses

Afternoon all,

Further to my post regarding MBAs, I decided instead to undertake an OU degree instead. I'm now in the middle of my second module, and finding it very challenging. So far so good.

However, the reason for my post is that I was wondering if there's anyway to claim for the cost of more than one OU unit at a time? For example, one level 2 module is £630, which if I use my ELC of £2000 on, I lose nearly £1500. A friend of mine mentioned that you can "stick" modules together, (for the purposes of ELC claims) but does this mean I need to complete two modules in a year?

Any answers/advice greatly welcomed.

There is a way to do it. The ELC financial year is Jan to Jan, so if you start your OU course in October and then another in Feb you can claim them both in one ELC 'hit'. Whilst your courses will overlap for about a month, it is better than 'doubling up'.

The IERO at your local AEC (assuming you are Army) will give you the gen. There are a number of AECs, mainly in Germany, who have bespoke OU clerks who are used to this type of question, try 51 AEC in Gutersloh
Bit of a factual error here! ELCs are based on the Financial year i.e. 1st April to 31st March.

I believe the OU allows students to run 2 years together so that a claim for up to £1300 can be put in.

There is a OU help desk for MOD at 01908 652111
or e-mail ss-srs-specialism-team@open.ac.uk/forces

Good luck!
Thanks for both replies, I'll be claiming for next two modules, and I'll use the method suggested (in conjunction with calling the number provided).

Much appreciated guys! :thumleft:

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