ELC and using them for distance learning

I am now out of the service and working abroad, want to use some of my ELC to do some distance learnig, is there anyone with experience of doing this and can recommend a preferred supplier.
I have not decided exactly what and at what level at this point, its an ideal oppotunity while im away from home. The ELC website isnt very good for sifting out places and courses that offer distance learning using ELC. Ive contacted a few providers and asked for a list of distance learning courses supported by ELC and they have come back say the cant provide distance learning using my ELC. I know its being a bit lazy but with 60 pages of so called prefered providers offering distance learning i thought i would ask on here for any one with experience of any providers.
Even though you are now out you could try calling the IERO at your nearest AEC-I am sure they would be happy to offer advice.
Without knowing more details of your circumstances I presume your on the higher tier for funding? without explaining the obvious I would suggest you research the course & qualification throughly to ensure you 'fully' benefit the outcome,

I'm about to undertake my 2nd yr of studies in my chosen field, throughly challenging, researching the subject knowledge along with module support I'm glad I undertook the course i'm on.
I'm using my ELC for a distance learning degree. Distance learning is a griz and you really have to want to do the studying because it is all to easy to sit on your arrse and put the assignments off, especially if you are studying a topic you don't like. One of my modules this year was intro to economics. It was websters, really boring and the tutor was a complete arrse so I really struggled with the two assignments.

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